Draws its own conclusions.


Draws its own conclusions.

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  •  The answers to all of life's big questions lie inside this pen
  •  Just press it for an instant decision
  •  Random responses to rule your existence
  •  Perfect for immediately resolving opinionated debates


Are you indecisive? Wait, don’t answer that. Instead, why not ask the mystical, fantastical Predict-a-Pen? Like its rotund cousin the Mystic 8 Bal, this nifty ballpoint will always be on hand to give you an answer.

Whether it’s the right answer, we’ll leave to chance. Because the Predict a Pen is loaded with an equal number of Yes or No responses. Asking it a question is like tossing a coin; only with a far friendlier range of replies. Just click the button on top and the barrel inside will spin and stop at a random reply. From ‘Dude, no way’, ‘Without a doubt’, ‘Not for a million $’, and many more, it’s perfect for affirming your own decisions or resolving arguments. Should I buy those shoes? Is Star Trek better than Star Wars? Can I live without this incredible pen? Decisions, decisions...

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Product Features:
  • Ask the Predict-a-pen a question
  • Click the button on top
  • Rotating barrel inside will turn to a random answer

Customer Reviews

If you are always in a predicament as to what to do in certain situations, well have no fear get yourself a Predict-A-Pen an you will struggle no more, thank you Firebox for making my life so much easier.
Val Ashforth - 9th December 2013
Firebox says: Our pleasure Val!
Delivered to a non-UK country in less than 5 working days, and its really awesome. Even better than I expected and it works great, thanks guys.
Oskar - 28th September 2013
This product is amazing. It alawyas has the answers. This would be a great pen to kids who dont have any good ideas and need a little inspiration.
Caitlin Bromley - 30th January 2013
I brought this pen as a gift for my best friend, which I thought would be right up her street! Anyway. . Enough about her, more about the pen! It was great, the postage was FAB and further more the pen was much better quality than I expected. It was one of my first shops here and I'm so thankful of the quality and ease of use! She loved the pen, was so much fun, also watching lots of people asking to have a go on it...and just wouldn't give it back! I have to draw the line here (no pun intended. . I assure you!) The pen is amazing...and literally embarrassed at my pre-concieved ideas about the quality.
Holly - 2nd December 2012