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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Log Pillow

How did you sleep?

Log Pillow

How did you sleep?

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Sleep like a log, or rather, on a log

How did you sleep? Nah... that’s too easy. Support your lower lumber! *Groan* Oh wait... spruce up your bedroom! *Snort* Ah, we could spend all day beavering away, trying to dovetail wood-related gags into here. But we’d never get around to talking about the Log Pillow itself. Which would be a shame.

In case you haven't spotted by now, this super soft travel pillow has been designed to look just like a log. No, we have no idea why, but there’s something very appealing about going to sleep on it. Although that could be down to the thousands of squidgy micro-beads inside which mould to your head.

Have a try yourself – it’s a handy companion on long car journeys, naps in the park and camping in the back garden. With a polyester cover it’s a doddle to clean, and if anyone every questions your extreme credentials, just tell them you like to sleep on the branch of a tree. Now that's bushcrafty...

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Product Features:
  • Log-shaped travel pillow
  • Custom-contouring micro-bead fill
  • Polyester/spandex cover
  • Clean with a damp cloth and soapy water

Customer Reviews

Ah, Log Pillow... Shrouded in mystery. Many have purchased, but none returned to tell the tale... Yet! Will you be the first brave soul to Submit a Review?

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