Dog Mansion

A kingdom for your dog

Dog Mansion

A kingdom for your dog

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Close up of windows

Real windows!

You love your dog, right? Then why on earth is the poor little blighter hanging out in some makeshift kennel in the backyard? Why indeed because thanks to your pooch-loving pals at Firebox, four-legged friends can now reside in the truly regal Dog Mansion.

Presidential in grandeur this comically luxe kennel has been crafted with discerning dogs only in mind. Modelled to resemble an imposing Southern U.S. 18th century mansion it features elaborate lattice windows, real bitumen shingles, a dormer that canopies the entrance area to protect it from rain, and a roof that can be removed for cleaning purposes. A kingdom for your dog? Abso-barking-lutely!

Dog outside his mansion

Dog guarding his own house

Built to a tail-waggingly high standard in premium varnished weather resistant wood and shatterproof glass, the Dog Mansion is delivered fully assembled and even comes with an engraved serial number. If this doesn’t make Rover the envy of the neighbourhood, nothing will.

But what about size, we hear you yelp? Well in the dog world size really does matter. The Doghouse measures 156cm x 140cm, you might even be able to squeeze in there yourself – perfect after an evening on the lash. ‘You’re shending me the doghoushe?’ Maaaarvelloush!’

Close up of the lead hook

Hook for the lead

Of course luxury like this doesn't come cheap, but you’d be barking to miss out. Besides, how else are you going to achieve that grandiose ‘Gone with the Wind’ vibe for your beloved bow-wow? ‘Money? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.’ Woof!

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Product Features:
  • The Dog Mansion is build of premium varnished wood
  • Imposing pillars and wide entrance area
  • Based on historic model- lattice windows and real bitumen shingles
  • The dormer that canopies the entrance area protects it from rain
  • Roof can be removed for cleaning purposes
  • Materials used are tough and durable
  • Premium varnished wood and break-proof window glass make the doghouse resistant to all weather conditions
  • Each doghouse is engraved with a serial number and delivered with a certificate
  • Interior: measures approximately 156cm(L) x 140cm(W)
  • Packaging: measures approximately 195cm(L) x 170cm(W) x 190cm(H)

Customer Reviews

I don't think I'd spend that much on something for my English Bull Terrier, he'd chew it to pieces in no time! I've bought him many 'indestructible' toys that have lasted about 5 minutes. This wouldn't last a day =P.
Paige - 3rd February 2013
Hi would a saint. Bernard fit in it?
Lou - 15th November 2012
Firebox says: Hey Lou. The Dog Mansion measures 156cm(L) x 140cm(W) - should fit a St Bernard inside just fine!
I'm not being silly here, could you buy it for a cat ???
Leon - 18th February 2012
Firebox says: Not a silly question at all, there's no reason why you couldn't spoil your feline friend with this glorious mansion.