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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Star Wars Poker Set

Take the cantina to the cleaners

Star Wars Poker Set

Take the cantina to the cleaners

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Stay up long after the twin suns have gone down with the limited edition Star Wars Poker Set. Complete with chips, cards and a metal Dealer button this collectors’ case has everything you need for a late one round Jabba's.

chips and button light up chips in case special cards

Quality chips and Dealer button

Chips glow like lightsabers in the box

Yes! Full house!

logo on case close up

Etched logo on the carry case

The sleek black case has 72 LEDs built in. Turn down the lights and the clear plastic chips will glow, much like a Jedi’s favourite weapon. The Dealer button is embossed with an image of the Death Star (as if being the Dealer wasn’t powerful enough) and two of the four decks of cards feature classic Star Wars artwork and stills – perfect for showing off your perfect hand. Sorry, Luke. Touchy subject.


Set comes with international poster cards, two standard decks and a Heroes and Villians pack

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Please Note:
  • Officially licensed Star Wars product
Product Features:
  • Limited edition poker set
  • Contains 200 chips (10.2g)
  • 72x LEDs built into the case
  • 1x Metal Death Star dealer button
  • 2x Casino quality Star Wars Decks exclusive to this set
  • 2x Star Wars Decks: 'Heroes and Villains' & 'Posters'
  • In Star Wars branded case
  • Measures approximately 54cm(W) x 5.8cm(H) x 17.6cm(D)

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