TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series

Protect and save

TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series

Protect and save

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What better way to keep your credit cards secure than wrapping them in a flap of cowskin? Well why not? We’ve been carrying our important stuff in our pockets that way for hundred of years! Then again... hundreds of years ago we didn’t have sensitive electronic data and personal information that could be scanned, swiped, or wiped completely while still in our pockets.

Push the button

Push in the button

Open up the wallet

Open up

Slide your cards out

Slide your cards out

So if you fancy a high-spec holder for your high-tech cards, ditch the leather wallet and look no further than the TRU VIRTU Wallet Razor Series. This range of formed aluminium cases will hold all of your credit, debit, store and business cards; protecting them from dust, dirt and moisture. But more importantly, they’ll also keep your cards safe from electromagnetic radiation (the kind that wipes card data), illegal RFID-scanning and other outside influences.

Colours available

Colours available (L-R): Red, Black, Silver, Blue and Taupe

The rugged aluminium design slides neatly into your pocket, bag, or briefcase and is resistant to all manner or knocks and bumps. When you need your cards, simply press the button on the front edge and the Razor will open.

Anodised in a range of colours, there’s a Razor to suit all tastes. So whether you’re a suited and booted business bod, or a tech geek in your comfy scruffs, you can enjoy this thoroughly modern twist on a leather classic. Welcome to the 21st century!

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Please Note:
  • Cards not included
Product Features:
  • Aluminium card holder
  • Store up to 12 cards (14 non-embossed)
  • Opens with the touch of a button

Customer Reviews

Got mine today, very nice looking seems well made and I like the space for bank notes and receipts. 10/10.
Matthew Follon - 13th September 2012
I had mine delivered yesterday. This is ideal for me as I can keep my bank/business cards and a few bank notes in. I'm impressed with this product but I would say the only downside is the price as it does seem a little pricey for what it is.
Martin - 12th January 2012
Thank you for your quick service. My wallet is brilliant. Fits well into a small handbag, which my other purse didn't. The sweets were unexpected pleasure, and I really enjoyed them.
Claire - 5th January 2012