Hot-Rox Electronic Hand Warmer

Not too hot to handle

Hot-Rox Electronic Hand Warmer

Not too hot to handle

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It’s not often you find a portable hand warmer that you can switch on and off. Most are one shot deals – set them going and you’ll get a couple of hours of warmth before they need refuelling or (even worse) boiling to reset the chemicals inside. Faff!

Switch the Hot-Rox Electronic Hand Warmer to medium or high heat and it’ll warm up to 44° in around 15 seconds. Switch it off again and it’ll cool down just as quickly. It’s ideal for warming cold mitts when you’re gardening, on a winter walk, or even at your desk in a chilly office.

The battery will last up to 6 hours in medium heat mode, or 3-4 hours in high heat. When you run out of juice, simply plug it into the mains (if you have a USB plug adapter) or your computer’s USB port. A full charge takes around 2 hours and the built-in Lithium battery will hold the charge for months.

Charge it up and pop it in your jacket pocket, glove box, or bag. Whenever you feel Jack Frost nipping at your digits just fire up your Hot-Rox and you’ll be toasty and warm in seconds.

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Product Features:
  • Electronic reusable hand warmer
  • Turn on/off as required
  • Heats up in around 15 seconds
  • 3 heat settings: Off, Medium and High
  • Sleek tactile design
  • Recharge via USB (approx 2hrs)
  • Simple, safe and easy to use
  • Ideal for Fishing, Shooting, Walking, Playing Golf, Horse Riding, Walking to work, Commuting, Working outdoors, Working in a cold office and Raynaud's phenomenon
  • Hot-Rox Hand Warmer
  • USB Charge Lead
  • Instructions
  • HotRox hand warmer sticker
Battery Requirements:
  • Rechargeable lithium battery (included)
  • Measures approximately 19cm(H)

Customer Reviews

Bought this for my other half and have since nicked it as it is brilliant. The high heat setting is really toasty and would be perfect when it is really chilly so i've been using the lower setting for now! What I like about it is it's shape; it fits perfectly on my sore shoulder wheras some heat/massage things aren't very comfy! If I win the lottery I may buy loads for a DIY hot rock therapy session!
Sarah - 28th December 2012
Recently bought this, it's the perfect zize for the palm of your hand, heats up VERY quickly and cools down just as fast! Charges fairly quickly too. Only downfalls are that it only heats up on one side and even the hotter setting isn't amazing. (it's REALLY cold up north!).
Emma - 12th December 2012
Firebox says: North Pole?
It is not clear in the advert but it only heats on one side of the hot-rox, so if you are gripping in in the palm of your hand it then only one side heats up. I. E the palm of your hand or the pads of your fingers and then you have to switch it around so it heats the other side. it does get properly hot though.
Declan - 29th December 2011