Marvel Collector's Edition iPhone 4 Clip Cases

Truth, justice, bumps and scratches

Marvel Collector's Edition iPhone 4 Clip Cases

Truth, justice, bumps and scratches

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button cutout close-up

Full access to buttons and ports

Knowing the weather anywhere on Earth; faultlessly navigating through unfamiliar places; communicating with distant friends in an instant. There was a time when a skill set like this would have you branded a mutant and chased out of town. But that’s all within the remit of today’s technology – in particular, the iPhone 4.

So why not use this high tech gadget to celebrate some gifted characters that didn’t have it quite so easy. Deck your iPhone in the exquisitely-detailed Marvel Collector's Edition iPhone 4 Clip Cases.

Six designs to choose from:
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Captain America



Iron Man

Silver Surfer

Incredible Hulk

camera detail

Cutout for camera and flash too

Each individual clip-on case features classic artwork for Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Silver Surfer and the Hulk. They even look like they’re made from classic comic book paper! Although there is one exception... the Captain America case is emblazoned with the all new shield design from the latest movie (we couldn’t help it, it looked so good!).

Made from top quality materials, the cases are satin grip coated, to make them easier to hold and less likely to slide about on smooth tabletops and desks. They’ll give you full access to the iPhone’s vital ports and bravely defend your precious technology from injustice, tyranny, and the occasional knock or bump. Just like their comic book counterparts.

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Please Note:
  • Officially licensed range of clip on cases for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
Product Features:
  • Satin grip coated
  • Protect from minor drops and scratches
  • Full access to ports, buttons and camera
  • Slim, durable design

Customer Reviews

Had the Captain America case for my iPhone 4s for around 4/5 months now and it still looks as good as it did when I bought it. The colour and finish looks no different from when it arrived. Few small scratches on the back but that's to be expected, and better on the case then on my phone! In my opinion, it fits snug on the 4s, and is easy to take on and off, had no problems what so ever! Tempted to buy the Iron Man one....
Sambie - 15th December 2012
These look great, and fit really well. HOWEVER I dropped mine just a few feet and it offered absolutely no protection at all. The case shattered and the phone obviously suffered dings and cracks. I'm going back to Speck cases which offer better protection.
Chris - 25th November 2012
Firebox says: Really sorry to hear that Chris, you're right though - these cases are certainly more about how they look than the protection they offer. They'll prevent you getting scratches on the back of your phone but sadly won't cushion a fall.
Hi, I have just received your christmas catalogue and it has these advertised for the iphone 5, yet your website doesn't say they are, will you be getting them for the 5?
Tom - 14th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Tom, I'm sorry we have made an error in the catalogue, we aren't planning on getting any for the iPhone 5 currently, but look out for 2013
Loving the cases but will you be getting any for the iPhone 5 or any similar ones for it? Thanks.
Chris - 6th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Chris, not at present I'm afraid! We do have the Lumberjacket for the iPhone 5 if that kind of thing floats your boat?
These cases look and feel fantastic, really soft edges. Not like some cases I've had that hurt your fingers when holding your phone. However if you have an iPhone 4S it doesn't quite fit as flush as it should. It's a bit frustrating but the subtle differences in the measurements between iPhone 4 and 4S mean the case isn't quite a perfect fit. As a result something small and Sharp has made it's way into the little gap and scratched the back of my phone. Not the best.
Andrew Gilmore - 6th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Andrew, thanks for letting us know about this. If you would like to discuss this more with us please contact us at with your order number.
These cases look awesome but I have seen that the company (pdp) make a few other marvel cases. Are you going to be stocking the others, like the Thor one (that's the one I'm after) Thanks.
Tleunis - 21st August 2012
Firebox says: Not currently, we may get more in the range soon so watch this space.