The Shirt Companion

Pull your socks up, tuck that shirt in!

The Shirt Companion

Pull your socks up, tuck that shirt in!

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Keep your shirt and socks in place

Here’s a sartorial accessory that no self-respecting gentleman should be without. The Shirt Companion is a forehead-slappingly brilliant way to keep your shirt tucked in and your socks pulled up at all times. How? By connecting the two, of course!

Based on the hugely popular Derby Sock Suspender of the 1920’s, this set of 4 elastic straps clips the base of your shirt to your socks. So no matter how much you twist and move, your shirt will always remain straight, tidy and tucked in. Slip a pair of trousers over the top and people will marvel at how you stay so well-groomed and immaculate. Just make sure those sock clips are secure.

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Product Features:
  • Set of 4 straps keeps your shirt tucked in and your socks pulled up
  • Elastic braces connect your shirt tails to your socks
  • Straightens your shirt as you walk
  • Fully adjustable
  • Hand made in Notting Hill, London
How to Use:
  • Align 2 ‘companions’ along the outside of your knees and attach clips to shirt and socks
  • Align 2 ‘companions’ vertically from the rear of your shirt and attach to shirt and socks
  • Adjust length accordingly

Customer Reviews

If you have long hair on your legs (which to be honest 99% of men do, the remaining 1% tend to be olympic swimmers) you'll suffer, as the elastic on this product stretches, it provides the oppotunity for your leg hair to get caught. Especially if you sit and stand on a regular basis within your work place. I would not recommend this product.
Ian Hemms - 22nd February 2012
I honestly think these are definitely not for every man. However if like me you work in an office where on some occasions need to where a shirt then may be you have gone to work in the morning for that presentation thinking you look presentable. A few hours later you go the WC look in the mirror and you look like you did at school by half way through lunch and your third missed attempt at goal. Whilst that look can work your boss may not think so. Having tried them I can say they do work. If your willing to spend an extra minute in the morning then you are pretty much gonna look immaculate all day, baring any coffee mishaps that is. My understanding is these date back to the 20's and a version of these are used by the military and if its good enough for them its good enough for me:).
Corrido - 27th November 2011