Star Wars X-Wing Silicone Ice Tray

Star Wars X-Wing Silicone Ice Tray

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Silicone mould

Luke was pretty good at ditching his X-Wing in the drink, but now you can top his Degobah splashdown with the Star Wars X-Wing Silicone Ice Tray. Just sink a couple of X-Wing ice cubes in your glass and it’ll chill your beverage faster than a Hoth snowstorm.

This soft and flexible silicone mould is also pretty handy for making mini jelly shapes or homemade chocolates. And it’s oven and microwave safe too, so you could use it for baking Rebel Alliance brownies or extremely spacey cakes. Mmm... the Force is strong in this one.

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Product Features:
  • Make ice cubes shaped like X-Wings
  • Officially licensed
  • Each silicone tray contains 6 moulds
  • Also great for making jellies, chocolate, and more