Pulse Ring

Run rings around the rest

Pulse Ring

Run rings around the rest

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wearing the pulse ring

Keep your pulse on the finger!

Unless you count the throbbing sound in your ears, it’s not easy to track your pulse as you exercise. Seasoned gym-bods often use chest straps, watches and all manner of fancy Bluetooth oojimaflips. But if you couldn’t give a monkeys about the number of calories you’re burning, your weight on other planets, or any of the other fancy functions on offer; why not keep things simple and put on the Pulse Ring.

Simple, discreet, but suitably high-tech to impress fellow gym-goers, this clever gizmo will track your pulse as accurately as any chest strap. Infra red sensors built into the ring will detect your pulse in any finger. Just pop it on, set it to monitor mode and hit the treadmill.

blue and red colours showing pulse reading and stopwatch functions

Use as a heart rate monitor, stopwatch or clock. Available in blue or red.

being worn in carry box

Comes with a lanyard and carry box

The comfortable shape and light weight mean you’ll hardly notice it as you exercise; and the LCD screen is just as easy to read as a wristwatch. When you’ve finished exercising, the Pulse Ring automatically shuts down after a minute; conserving the battery for your next session. Or you can switch it to the equally handy watch mode. A host of alarms and audio cues can be set, so you don’t have to adopt the Bruce Forsyth pose as you run.

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Product Features:
  • The easy way to track your pulse
  • Continuous display
  • Programmable with alarm
  • Stopwatch counts up to 10 hours
  • Auto shut off after 1 min of non use
  • Built in 24 hour clock
  • Multi lingual
  • One size fits all
  • No chest strap
Box Contents:
  • 1x Pulse ring
  • Fitted battery with spare
  • Carry case and neck lanyard
  • Storage case
  • Measures approximately 2.8cm(W) x 2.8cm(W) x 3.6cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Really poor product, Great idea but is totally useless when doing exercise. If it moves, even slightly, on your finger it fails to update heart rate. It's great if doing sedentary activities i. E. Sitting at a desk or while watching TV but that isn't really it's purpose.
Fra - 16th May 2012
Firebox says: Sorry to hear you are disappointed with the pulse ring, it does sound as if you may have a faulty one. Drop us a line with your order details to and we will get a return arranged for you.