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Superman Logo Silicone Ice Tray

Superman Logo Silicone Ice Tray

Supercool your drink

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Super silicon!

Fresh from the minibar in the Fortress of Solitude, the Superman Logo Silicone Ice Tray is a great way to geek up your drinks. Pop a couple of these into your soft drinks or cocktails and they’ll chill it faster than the Man of Steel’s super breath. Well, almost.

But this flexible tray isn’t just for serving ice. It’s just as handy as a mould for mini jellies or even homemade chocolates. And being made from silicone it’s oven safe too – ideal for baking megamuffins, superbrownies, or buns of steel.

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Product Features:
  • Make ice shaped like the Superman logo
  • Each silicone tray contains 10 moulds: 6 large and 4 small
  • Also great for making jellies, chocolate, and more