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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Munchstache Cookie Cutters

You’ve got crumbs on your face

Munchstache Cookie Cutters

You’ve got crumbs on your face

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Doug holding the cookie up to his face!

Doug didn't want to eat his Munchstasche!

There is nothing more dignified on a gentleman than a finely-kept moustache. But what about those of us (gentlemen and ladies alike) who are unable to grow such magnificent nose trousers? Well, people with light and barely-there-hair can always volumise their ‘taches with mo’scara. What’s that? There’s no such thing? Ah, piffle. Then we’ll just have to console ourselves with moustache-shaped cookies instead.

Indeed, there are no more dignified cookies than those made with Munchstache Cookie Cutters. With this set of 5 different cutters you can make cookies in all your favourite moustache shapes, from the old-school ‘Imperial’ to the classic ‘Walrus’. Just roll your dough flat, cut out your moustache and use the flat side of the cookie-cutter to press in the details. In no time at all you’ll have a whole biscuit tin choc-full of delectable lip-warmers. Yummy!

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Product Features:
  • Moustache-shaped cookie cutters
  • One side cuts the shape and the other stamps the details
  • Five assorted styles in each set
  • Moulded from durable, food-safe plastic

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