Whisky Stones

Scotch on the rocks

Whisky Stones

Scotch on the rocks

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New & Improved

Whisky Stones are back! Now known as On the Rocks: Whisky Blocks – made using recycled granite and coming in some seriously handsome new packaging.

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A slurp of good whisky conjures images of rugged, windswept landscapes, rich earthy ingredients, and centuries-old craftsmanship (depending on how much you’ve had). But drop a couple of ice cubes into the mix and all that heady imagery becomes... well, a bit weak.

Now, some argue that you shouldn’t chill a whisky at all. Others argue it’s essential. But where we can all agree is that no one likes their tipple diluted by frozen tap water. So for those whisky drinkers who like it cold we’ve found a suitably rugged middle ground.

Whisky Stones are hewn by one of the oldest soapstone workshops in the US. Store them in your freezer in their tough muslin bag and when you’re ready for a drink, pop a couple (gently) into your glass. Pour over your whisky and they’ll chill it like any ice cube, but leave the rich, complex flavours completely unaltered.

Even exponents of lukewarm whisky will agree this centuries-old Scandinavian trick looks effortlessly cool. And it'll fuel all of those rugged, windswept imaginings before the amber stuff has even passed your lips. Cheers!

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Please Note:
  • Not for use with large volume drinks
Product Features:
  • Frozen alternative to drink-diluting ice-cubes
  • Chills drinks without affecting their taste
  • Milled in Vermont by the oldest soapstone workshop in the US
  • Based on a centuries-old Scandinavian tradition
  • Set of 9 stones + muslin storage bag
  • A great gift for whisky drinkers
  • Each Whisky Stone measures 2cm x 2cm x 2cm

Customer Reviews

...or put your whisky bottle in the fridge! Also a wee drop o' soft Scots water will bring out the flavour and nose of the whisky (but never drown it). Whisky stones plus a wee drop water is ideal to prevent this as ice cubes will dilute your drink excessively unless drunk very quickly. Sláinte!
Jim Robertson - 25th December 2013
More of a question than a review. I own a bar here in Sydney. Would they be suitable for bar use?
Linda - 23rd June 2013
Firebox says: They'd work a treat Linda but like shapely and stylish drinking vessels before them, the stones may sadly end up being the victims of theft!
A must buy for any whiskey advocate. Much better than the bladder stones I had recently. Just a heads up, don't try to use bladder stones for the same purpose as whiskey stones, just shell over the 15 quid!
David Young - 14th May 2013
Firebox says: Thanks David, this is sage advice to be heeded by all.
Are they reusable or do they have to be disposed after each use?
Jordan Holden - 1st April 2013
Firebox says: You can use these over and over Jordan!
Bought these for my husband for xmas as I had noticed he puts his tumbler in the freezer an hour before his evening whisky. He immediately tried them and he reckons they are a brilliant idea and work superbly without watering down the whisky. He would highly recommend if you like your whisky cold and neat.
Hillary - 27th December 2012
Are they made of granite or sopastone, and does it matter?
Elz - 19th December 2012
Firebox says: Hey Elz, they are made of soapstone - and it shouldn't matter, though granite would be very heavy indeed!