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Zombie Bootcamp

The apocalypse is nigh

Zombie Bootcamp

The apocalypse is nigh

Sorry, this product is not available.

Locations Available:

Droitwich, Worcestershire on Friday, Saturday or Sunday


Direct Despatch Your Experience Gift Pack will be sent to you by our experience provider via Royal Mail 1st Class and should take around 1-3 working days to arrive.




Get trained on how to wield a chainsaw against a zombie army

Worcestershire. Present day. The outbreak of an unknown virus has rendered England’s usually quite stoic population into hordes of mindless zombies. As the survivors, you and your friends, work colleagues or the usual bunch of randoms must train with the best if you are to survive. But where can you learn the basic skills for life in this post-apocalyptic nightmare? You need Zombie Bootcamp.

Set up as England’s last hope against the undead menace, this thrilling (and ridiculously fun) experience is a must for anyone who ever wondered how they’d cope in a zombie apocalypse. So... pretty much all of us then.

Your day starts with equipment and weapons training. First you’ll be kitted out in standard-issue Kevlar body armour, jacket and trousers. Then a team of ‘seasoned veterans’ will teach you how to handle a specially-adapted pistol, assault rifle and grenades. You’ll be drilled in how to clear a room of walking dead and then... then you’ll have lunch. After lunch, you’ll put everything you’ve been taught into practice. That’s when things get really scary.

Gift Pack:
All Firebox Gift Experience vouchers ship in a smart boxed presentation gift tin containing:
Voucher Lanyard Keyring

The lucky recipient's personalised Gift Voucher

A lanyard to wear on the day

A Keyring

Led by your instructor, you and you team will storm a warehouse and engage actual, in-the-rotting-flesh zombies. You’ll then be split into pairs and left to clear the building room by room – tossing grenades, firing ‘blood-pellets’ and even going hand-to-hand with the shambling nasties when the ammo runs out.

Do you and your friends have what it takes to survive? Or will you end up one of the legions of undead yourself? Enrol in Zombie Bootcamp today and find out. Your (post apocalyptic) country needs you!


  • Activity 1. Basic training use of pistol, grenade and rifle 3 x 40 minutes periods.
  • Activity 2. Mission Brief 30 mins.
  • Activity 3. Main Mission 1 hour.
  • Activity 4. Debrief , photos issue certificates 15 mins.
  • On completion of the mission the teams will be debriefed by the instructors then be free to depart. A day normally ends at about 1500 onwards
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    Delivery details:
    This product is sent to you directly by our experience provider via Royal Mail 1st Class and should take around 1-3 working days to arrive for mainland UK addresses.

    Please Note:
    • On purchasing this experience you will be issued with a voucher valid for 10 months
    • This experience is available Friday - Sunday (subject to availability)
    • This experience runs from approximately 10:30am - 3:00pm
    • You will need walking socks, lightweight trousers/tracksuit bottoms, a sweat shirt and a sense of humour
    • You will be issued with boots, helmet, safety goggles, Kevlar body armour, jacket and trousers (gloves are optional)
    • You must be reasonably fit as this experience requires a lot of movement and involves a lot of action
    • Groups will be arranged into teams of 8 persons
    • Tea and coffee drinking water supplied free
    • Please note that it is not possible to extend this voucher after it has expired

    Suitable for ages:
    • 16 years+

    • Important:
      • Purchase of this Gift Experience is subject to specific Terms and Conditions. Please click here for our general Gift Experience Terms and Conditions, and see below for any additional terms/restrictions that apply to this particular experience.

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    Customer Reviews

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    If being forced to the ground and punched to stop you getting back up by several stinking scabby zombies in a dark smoke filled warehouse with bombs going off, marshals screaming at you to save your mate who's just shit his pants cause paint guns are going off around your heads, is what your after, than this is definately for you! I don't think any of us had any idea that we would actually be involved in fighting infected zombies with our bare hands! I would definately recommend it but I'm also glad that I'm back in a safe place hiding in the corner. Not looking forward to the nightmares starting!!
    Will Mundy, Leamington Spa - 11th March 2012
    Firebox says: Will Thats sounds AMAZING!
    Would love to get my boyf this - silly question but him and his mates are in the infantry would you still let them go or would they be to experienced for this or would they still be allowed too go?? Taaa! X.
    Rhi, Leicester - 21st January 2012
    Firebox says: Shouldn't be a problem Rhi!
    Hey, I was just wondering because me and my friend are 14. Would we still be able to go just with a guardian or do we have to wait till were 16? :(.
    Callum_mallinson, Barnsley - 20th December 2011
    Firebox says: Sorry Callum the minimum age is 16, even if you have a guardian accompanying you.
    I attended this on 5th November and you will not be disapointed... I would just like to point out that you DO shoot the zombies with paintballs... the airsoft pistols are merely in training as is the shotgun.... . But it is still an adrenaline pumping ammount of fun, especially the final mission :) I would whole heartedly recommend this for anyone looking for something different to running around aimlessly shooting your mates.
    Ian Goldby-Timmis, United Kingdom - 6th December 2011
    I see it is airsot Guns you use, if I buy this as a gift and one for myself, can I use my own kit, I airsoft weekly but normaly just shoot each other not zombies!!
    Eddie, Barnsley - 30th November 2011
    Firebox says: Hi, You will have to use the kit they provide due to insurance issues!
    Hi this may sound like a silly question but what size clothing that you supply do you go up to? I would like to buy this as a present but the person I have in mind is fairly erm round :-).
    Gemma, Plymouth - 24th November 2011
    Firebox says: Hi Gemma, clothes up to a 50 inch chest and 48 inch waist can be provided