Heated Egg Massager

Eggy stressbuster, no yolk!

Heated Egg Massager

Eggy stressbuster, no yolk!

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Public transport, the rise of the nanocelebrity, governmental U-turns, global revolution, the continuing presence of Lembit Opik on our TV screens – life is stressful, man. So why not take an egg to your pent-up stress with the Egg Massager.

Despite looking like something you might see a Teletubby boiling for breakfast, this colourful spheroid is actually an incredibly funky portable massager/stressbuster that uses a combination of single frequency vibration and heat to gently massage away the stresses, strains, aches and pains of daily life.

Perfect for the lower back, forearms, shoulders and anywhere else you can reach, the Heated Egg’s innovative shape allows easy grip and positioning whilst its vibrating nodules let you target the areas where you need it most. Yes, you could hire a masseuse to accompany you on trips but we’re pretty sure that would cost more than fifteen quid. Ooh, sweet relief!

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Product Features:
  • Easy to control and comfortable to hold for an instant massage
  • Two interchangable massage heads for single point or multi point massage
  • Heat function with the single point massager increases blood circulation
Battery Requirements:
  • 3x AAA batteries – not included
  • Measures approximately 11cm(H) x 8cm(Ø)

Customer Reviews

"and anywhere else you can reach." Ooh-er!
Zi - 29th March 2013
Arrived much sooner than I expected, lovely Firebox people I gave this to my wife who suffers from neck pain and she is now leaping about like a two year old.
Chris - 28th December 2012
Firebox says: The anti-ageing/healing properties of the Heated Egg Massager are highly disputed but we're glad your wife is enjoying it!
I really love this, it's a great gift but I cant seem to get the heat function to work properly. . I turn the single point head so the dots align and it doesn't seem to get hot?
Charlie - 25th December 2012
Firebox says: Hey Charlie, that doesn't sound quite right! Give our customer service team an email on with a quick description and we'll be happy to help.
This came in my parcel today and I was looking forward to giving it to my mum to help her out with her back pain. However, my dog has now claimed it as his own ha ha!! He loves having his tummy massaged with this. Thanks Firebox! :).
Ari - 17th July 2012
Brilliant! Has really helped my shoulder. Very easy to use yourself, doesn't get too hot to touch but really helps loosen the muscles, leaving them relaxed. The nobbly bit is also great for really tender spots. A lot cheaper than a massage!
Nic - 1st December 2011
Firebox says: Hi Nic, good to hear that the Egg Massager's working so well for you!