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EST. 1998
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FreshForce Pizza Wheel

Slices twice as nice

FreshForce Pizza Wheel

Slices twice as nice

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We always expect pizza cutters to be a bit blunt. But why? We wouldn’t let our other kitchen knives get away with that. Well, thankfully there’s now a way to keep your pizza slicer safe, protected and super sharp every time you need it.

sharpening removing ready to use

Sharpen wheel with a rolling motion

Remove the sharpener from the blade

Slice your pizza quickly and cleanly

The FreshForce Pizza Wheel comes with its own protective cover and blade sharpener in one. Pop it on when you’re storing the slicer away, to prevent any accidents and keep the blade in top condition.

Just before you use the Pizza Wheel, roll it along your worktop with the cover on. The built-in sharpener will smarten up that slicing edge, ready to make short work of a pizza crust. In fact, you’ll be amazed how easy slicing pizza is when you have the right tools for the job. Buon appetito!

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Please Note:
  • Pizza wheel is top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Hand wash recommended for safety guard
Product Features:
  • Pizza cutter with 2-in-1 safety guard and blade sharpener
  • Safety guard doubles as a blade sharpener
  • Rubber strip provides secure grip
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Measures approximately 21cm(W) x 10.5cm(H) x 2.5cm(D)

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