3 Metre Charge and Sync Cable


3 Metre Charge and Sync Cable


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Here’s a simple one. How do you charge and sync your iPod, iPad or iPhone when you’re 3m away from the nearest Apple adaptor?

No, don’t throw it. The answer is to use the PowerLine Cable. Just like the standard cable that arrived with your Apple gadget – only much, much longer – this handy bit of kit lets you set up a charging station up to 3m from the nearest power socket. Perfect for maximising your desk efficiency (moving your stationery and things around a bit), or charging your device away from floor level.

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Product Features:
  • 3 metre charging and sync cable for Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone

Customer Reviews

Great idea but very poor quality cable. I'm on my 3rd (Firebox have replaced the others and have been their usual efficient and brilliant selves!) but I won't be getting another when (not if) the latest one fails.
Mark - 7th December 2012
I bought this cable a while ago and today its stopped working completely, over the last couple days it had been playing up, on my iPhone it was saying charging isn't supported with this device (or words to that effect). Went to remove the charger from my phone today and the small case that holds the wires that connect to the bit that plugs into the phone came apart, looks like two of the connections to the plug have broke, white one and the bare silver wire. For not being all that old I not impressed for how long its lasted especially for 10 quid... All of that aside, I am actually still undecided if I would buy another one, after all its main use, the extra length was what I needed. And it did work a treat until now.
Alan - 10th June 2012
Firebox says: Hey Alan, so sorry to hear that. Please drop us an email to with your order details so we can resolve this for you!
Worked ok at first with my ipad2 but now takes over 24 hours to charge to only 75%. Really disappionted as it what I bought it for. Ok with iphone though.
VIcky - 3rd June 2012
Firebox says: Hi Vicky, that doesn't sound right at all, drop us a line with your order details to and we will look into this for you.
I am having the same issue as Lewis from Leeds, It will only charge the New iPad to 84% then displays 'Not Charging'. This happens everytime so its definitely a problem. The smaller USB leads charge it fully however.
Andrew Lee - 31st March 2012
Firebox says: Hi Andrew, Thats a bit weird, can you give us a shout on and we can take a look into this for you?
Originally bought this for use with my iPhone 4S, which it works perfectly, but having just bought the new iPad 3rd gen it seems to be able to charge to ~80% and then displays the not charging message. The original Apple USB cable seems to charge passed this though so I don't think it is a hardware error. Still a really useful product which allows me to lay in bed and charge my iPhone :-).
Lewis Darnton - 20th March 2012
Firebox says: HI Lewis, that doesn't sound right, drop us a line at with your order details and we will look into this for you.
Really good idea just a couple of small problems 1, the bit that plugs into the iPhone keeps seperating to reveal bare wires( not good ) 2, the charge plug does not fit into the original iPhone bumper case an you have to remove it to charge which is a pain. Other than that it's great.
Jon Gavin - 23rd January 2012