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Zombie Blood Energy Drink

Reanimate yourself
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Zombies are all the rage. And why not? After all, everyone's woken up with that dawn-of-the-dead feeling before – shuffling along, barely able to form words, driven by a primal need for meat... or a bacon sandwich, in our case. But don’t worry, for just these situations (and many more) there’s Zombie Blood Energy Drink.

Gruesomely amusing, this highly caffeinated 100ml energy potion is packaged in a resealable transfusion-style bag. The lurid green liquid even has a dangerous-looking biohazard sign on the front. Dead-heads will love ‘em. Mmm… thick, cloudy, nutrient-loaded sustenance!

Slurp on one of these ultra-realistic sachets in public and you’re liable to get splatted with a cricket bat or chased out of town by an angry torch-wielding mob. Flippin’ humans, eh?

Unfortunately the Zombie Blood Energy Drink won’t make you immortal or help you flag down Milla Jovovich, but it makes a great Halloween prop or way to wake up your brain. Mmm... braaaain.

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Please Note:
  • Contains: Milk added from whey protein
  • High Caffeine Content: 80mg
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Once opened, keep refrigerate and consume within 3 days
  • Bizarrely suitable for vegetarians
  • Pregnant women aren't advised to consume more than 200mg of Caffeine per day
  • Not Suitable for Children, Pregnant women or persons sensitive to Caffeine.
  • Zombie Blood: 100ml Lime Flavour Drink
    Water, fructose syrup, whey protein isolate, natural flavours, citric acid, stabilisers: gum arabic, glyceryl esters of wood rosin, monopotassium phosphate; preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate; ferrous sulfate monohydrate, sodium chloride, medium chain triglycerides, acidity regulator: sodium citrate, sweetener: sucralose, colours: tartrazine, brilliant blue FCR