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LEGO Stationery Art Carousel

LEGO Stationery Art Carousel

All play and no work (well, maybe a bit)

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A plethora of bricky stationery

Back to school? Urgh... those words used to make us shudder. But never fear, young Fireboxers. We’ve found a way to set yourself up for the new term and bring some of the holiday fun with you.

The LEGO Stationery Art Carousel has everything you could need for turning school time into playtime. Complete with 12 Crayons, 12 Coloured Pencils, 2 Grey Pencils, 4 LEGO Brick Erasers, 6 LEGO Head Jumbo Markers and a giant LEGO Head Sharpener; this handy collection will add a friendly dash of fun to any subject.

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Product Features:
  • Suitable for ages 4yrs+
  • Stationery set and holder includes:
    • 12x Crayons
    • 12x Coloured Pencils
    • 2x Grey Pencils
    • 4x LEGO Brick Erasers
    • 6x LEGO Head Jumbo Markers
    • 1x LEGO Head Sharpener
  • Removable stationery compartments