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Morph Animate It

Bring him to life

Morph Animate It

Bring him to life

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editing software

Use your home computer,
to edit your animations

If you’ve ever fancied giving animation a try; the vibrant, playful and slightly bonkers world of Morph is a great place to start. Not only is he a wonderfully adaptable character, but there’s nothing he won’t try: sports, games, art, magic, dressing-up... you name it! And now it’s even easier to bring everyone’s favourite claymation character to life, thanks to Morph Animate It.

Packed with handy bits and pieces, tips and tricks; this starter kit has almost everything you need to make your own short films, starring Morph. The only thing missing is a camera (and your imagination).

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Specially-developed Kudlian Animation software lets you turn your raw footage into a seamless animation on your MAC or PC. And on screen tutorials from an experienced Aardman Animator – the creative brainboxes behind Morph – will give you all sorts of advice on how to make the perfect movie.

The set includes poseable Morph and Chas figurines, and a “Chroma-Key” (green screen) to film against – enabling you to add your own photos in the background! But don’t worry if you’re still stuck for ideas. Morph Animate It comes with 30 classic Morph episodes on DVD to give you a little inspiration. Now all you need to practice is your Morph voice. Dee-doh dee-bee-doh-dah!

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Product Features:
  • Suitable for ages 7yrs+
  • Kudlian Animation software to load on your Mac / PC
  • On-screen tutorial from an experienced Aardman Animator
  • Morph and Chas poseable figurines
  • Green 'Chroma-Key' sheet to enable you to drop your own pics into the background - or use those on the included software
  • 30 episodes of classic Morph Animations on DVD for inspiration

Customer Reviews

Hi there, it's great, but just to clarify the video device you use must be a USB web camera device, not as previously stated above. But there are some great HD webcams around....
Roger - 20th December 2012
Please can you tell me if I can use my Kodak sport cam to record footage then upload to laptop. Thanks.
Cheryl - 26th May 2012
Firebox says: Hey Cheryl , you can use any sort of video recording device to record your footage. However you must use the software provided to do your animation, hope this helps.
Hi < I have tried everywhere to but this since seeing it on Sunday Brunch. Can you tell me where will have it in stock and when...Thanks so much. M.
Maria - 11th April 2012
Firebox says: Hi Maria, this is due to arrive in around the end of April.
Saw this on Sunday Brunch today, looks great. I'm a media teacher and would like to purchase the kit for use at school. Can you let me know the make of the desktop camera and tripod you guys have used in the picture? Thanks :).
Nikki Blackborow - 25th March 2012
Firebox says: Hi Sarah, sorry to say the photo is one from the actual suppliers page so we wouldn't know I'm afraid.
Do you make the people out of clay ?
Ricky Smith - 8th November 2011
Firebox says: Morph and Chaz are already made up figures in this kit, but you can make your own out of clay, plasticine, paper anything you like!