Moller Skycar M400

Roads are sooo last year...

Moller Skycar M400

Roads are sooo last year...

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Once private air travel was the exclusive preserve of the rich and famous. Sadly, it still is, unless you happen to have the lion's share of half a million lying dormant in your bank account. The Skycar, though, has whipped the Firebox team into a collective frenzy with its vertical take off capability and vaguely enticing 380Mph top speed.

Unlike previous prototype Skycars, the M400 can comfortably seat four people, making a day trip to the south of France with your mates the equivalent of a two-hour blast down the motorway. That's when it goes on sale, of course, which isn't just yet.

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Technical Specification:

Passengers 4
Top speed @ 20,000 ft 380 mph
Cruise speed @ 29,000 ft (80% Max Range) 300 mph
Cruise speed @ 29,000 ft (Max Range) 210 mph
Cruise speed @ Sea Level (Max Range) 140 mph
Maximum rate of climb 5500 fpm
Maximum range 900 miles
Net payload 750 lbs
Fuel consumption 28 mpg
Operational ceiling 29,000 ft
Gross weight 2400 lbs
Installed engine power 645 hp
Power boost (emergency) 70%
Dimensions (LxWxH) 19.5' x 8.5' x 7.5'
Takeoff and landing area 35 ft dia
Noise level at 500 ft 65 dba (Goal)
Vertical takeoff and landing Yes
Uses automotive gas Yes
Emergency parachutes Yes
Please note, the Moller Skycar is currently only at the "concept" stage.

Customer Reviews

My parents are about to order one of these as one of my many christmas presents. My collection of aviations vehicles is extensive, these vehicles are of high standards and I am looking at expanding my hangar. One is bored of Project Utopia and wants to glide over the soft clouds in a Skycar. P. S The Marchi Mobile RV is really worth a buy.
Anonymous (I Am Loaded) - 30th November 2012
Perfect addition to the villain collection, along with project utopia and you villain chair. Today is a good time to buy too, that is assuming the 10% off still applies :P.
Sam - 30th November 2011
I am thinking one of this with the airstream on the back. That is when I get half a million quid. If I buy both can you throw in the giant gumball machine, the dog treadmill and one of them massive gummmy bears???? Please!
Kitty - 18th October 2011
Firebox says: I am afraid not Kitty, but good luck in your pursuit of finding half a million!
Whoops, put in a few extra zeroes there. £1, 000, 000, more like. But seriously, I still don't see why this is only 300, 000. You can by ordinary land-cars for more (well, if you count a jaguar as 'normal'...).
Tim - 27th June 2011
There are some amusing comments about the price of this, but when one considers that you can buy a single-engined, single-seater, 450 mph monoplane for £100, 000, 000, (million), you really wonder what's keeping the price down on this state-0f-the-art, eight-engined, vertical take-off, four-seater, 300 mph machine which apparently has taken several decades to design.
Tim - 14th June 2011
Firebox says: One hundred million pounds seems like an awful lot for a monoplane Tim.
Luke You will Pay, I've Already got Moller building me a Deathcar!!!
Darth Vader - 10th June 2011