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Chemistry Vase Measuring Cylinder

Chemistry Vase Measuring Cylinder

It’s aliiive!

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Turn your kitchen, lounge or hallway into a high tech lab with the Cylindrical Chemistry Vase. Styled like a classic bit of chemistry kit, this 500ml graduated cylinder is ideal for holding single flowers, bamboo sticks, etc. Set a few up next to each other and it’ll look like whatever experiment you were running has resulted in daffodils. Or triffids.

close up of the markings Scientist holding the vase Placing flowers in

Authentic markings

Precision flower arranging...'s a science you know!

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Please Note:
  • You receive one vase (two are shown in the main image to clearly show the shape of the product)

3 styles of vase

Perfect for any lab (from L-R) Ball Vase, Conical Vase and Cylindrical Vase

Product Features:
  • 500ml clear glass vase
  • Styled from traditional science equipment
  • Measures approximately 36cm(H) x 8.5cm(Ø)