Thundercats Thunder Tank

The big cat’s back

Thundercats Thunder Tank

The big cat’s back

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Batteries (4x AAA) for Thundercats Thunder Tank

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Compatible Thunder Lynx Thundercat figures available here



scale shot putting character into vehicle

Comes with an exclusive Snarf figure

When you’re going into battle, and a Thunderpod just won’t cut the mustard, you need the Thundercats Thunder Tank.

Armed to the teeth and fast as a cat, this retooled version of the unstoppable vehicle is just as menacing as the 1980’s original. But this one has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. Literally! Because both front claws lift up to launch a pair of battle-ready bikes. Better yet, slot a couple of Thunderpods (available separately) in their place to add extra firepower, or open the tank’s mouth to shoot powerful laser beams. Mumm-Ra will never see it coming...

But who is at the wheel of this mean machine? Panthro? Lion-O? Cheetara? Nope. The Thundercats Thunder Tank comes with an exclusive Snarf figure. That’s right, Lion-O’s scaredy-cat sidekick has been left driving the tank, so you’d best collect the other Thundercats (available separately) and take over before he ploughs it into a tree. 'Snarf snarf'.

front view of toy vehicle

The Thunder Tank is an imposing machine!

Drop these additional characters in the driving seat and their built-in Thunder Lynx technology will bring the Thunder Tank's lights, sounds and features to life. Thundercats... HO-OOOOO!

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for ages 4+
Product Features:
  • The Thundercats’ most powerful vehicle
  • Launches 2 concealed bikes from its claws
  • Will also connect with Thunderpods (sold separately)
  • Includes exclusive Snarf figure
  • Add Thunder Lynx-enabled action figures to activate unique lights and sounds
Battery Requirements:
  • 2x AAA batteries – not included