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Christmas Scented Smencils

Smelly Christmas!

Christmas Scented Smencils

Smelly Christmas!

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The different festive smelling pencils

Jingle Bells... festive smells!

Get busy writing your thank you letters this year with Christmas Scented Smencils. Keeping the festive spirit alive long after the baubles have come down; these quirky, eco-friendly pencils make writing and sketching as much fun for your nose as it is for your eyes.

How? Because they're infused with natural Christmassy scents that waft up as you use them. And we're not talking eau de Brussels sprouts: we're talking Gingerbread, Cinnamon, Sugar Plum, Candy Cane and Holiday Cheer. How they’ve managed to capture the smell of that last one we’ve no idea; but we’re dying to have a sniff.

Close up of the Smencil

Made from recycled newspaper

Yes, we know it's a crazy concept but once you start scribbling with Smencils you'll never want to smell that leady/woody aroma of a regular pencil again. It's actually rather inspiring. We've already sketched a picture of a mince pie, drawn our Nan asleep on the couch and written a screenplay about a snowman that comes to life on Christmas Eve and... oh darn.

Made from recycled newspaper with biodegradable erasers, each non-toxic Smencil will retain its gourmet scent for at least two years - that's a lot of sketching and a lot of sniffing. Mmm... Sugar Plums!

Side view
Individually sealed in tubes to preserve their aroma, Christmas Scented Smencils come in packs of 5. You won't know whether to hold 'em under your hooter or start sketching. Try both. Ah, we love the smell of Candy Cane in the morning!

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for ages 3+
Product Features:
  • Pack of 5 Scented pencils:
    • Gingerbread
    • Cinnamon
    • Sugar Plum
    • Candy Cane
    • Holiday Cheer
  • Made from 100% recycled newspaper
  • Biodegradable erasers
  • Maintains scent for 2 years, when stored in the tube
  • Each Smencil is packed in a plastic tube to retain the scent

Customer Reviews

What does holiday cheer smell like?
Dean, Essex - 11th November 2011
Firebox says: The smell of fresh snow falling on a Christmas morning, with children laughing as they open their presents one-by-one, the wood-fire crackles and the aroma of the pine needles fallen at the base of the tree rises up to fill the room; chestnuts roasting on the roadside as the wintry air nips at your toes; hot brandy evaporating from the fiery blue flames atop the christmas pudding; warm mince pies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph, is that the sound of sleigh bells on the roof, I think it's Christmas time already! Oh, but about your question Dean, to be completely honest, we don't know either. But we think that the mystery and surprise only makes it better!