Bike SpokeLit

Cycle through the spectrum

Bike SpokeLit

Cycle through the spectrum

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If you’re heading out on your bike at night, it pays to be as visible as possible. But unless you start mounting extra lamps along your handlebars you’re bound to be pretty short on space. Well that’s where the Bike SpokeLit comes in.

Despite being a relatively titchy lamp, the SpokeLit has a dramatic effect on your visibility from the side. Fit it simply and easily to the spokes of your wheel. Once you’re pedalling at a steady speed it will blur into a seemingly solid ring of light. What’s more, it’ll even cycle slowly through the colour spectrum as you ride. Trippy!

Housed in a waterproof, shockproof casing, the SpokeLit adds mere grams to your bike, but makes for a valuable addition to your front and rear lights. Go on, take it for a spin!

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Product Features:
  • Additional safety lights for cyclists
  • Lightweight design
  • Shock and weather resistant
  • 1 Mile visibility
  • Glow or flash modes
  • Remains in position, even during off-road use
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Fits most spoke wheels (common 3 cross spoke pattern)
  • 150 hours replaceable batteries (included)
Battery Requirements:
  • 2x CR2016 3V (included)
  • Measures approximately 11.7cm(W) x 2.7cm(H) x 3.5cm(D)

Customer Reviews

I bought some of these last Christmas for my (grown up) nephew and they are worth it. They are wonderful and make him highly visible side on. He does mountain biking and he has bought more and his mates all have some now. I have recently bought a recumbent trike and will be placing my order. You really need at least two per wheel for best effect.
Elle - 7th November 2014
Can this be shipped to the U. S. ?
Brittany - 25th February 2013
Firebox says: It sure can Brittany!
How many do you get in a pack?
Beki - 25th October 2012
Firebox says: One in pack...
Won't fit my road wheels as spokes too far apart so useless for me1.
Peter Tiffin - 30th December 2011
Firebox says: Hi Peter, You are correct, this will fit a 3 cross spoke pattern with 36, 32 and 28 spoke wheels. Wheels with fewer spokes may not work quite so well, you can however try moving the light closer to the hub and it may work!. If you want to return please let us know on
Are these road legal in the UK?
Andrew Grey - 26th October 2011
Firebox says: This light can be used legally in conjunction with any BS standard front and rear light (BS6102/3 + BS3648)
Do these only light up when moving?
Edward Trafford - 24th August 2011
Firebox says: Hi Edward, you turn on the spoke lights before you ride, just as you would do any other bicycle light. But when the bike is in motion, that's when the real magic happens.