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Motorised Golf Ball Cleaner

Motorised Golf Ball Cleaner

For a clean swing and tidy score

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cleaning a golf club

Can also be used on clubs

There are plenty of sports for people who like their ball wet and caked in mud. But for golfers, having a scruffy-looking ball is like rocking up to Ascot in a beanie and boardshorts. So the next time you’re strolling between holes, give your ball a wash and brush-up with the Motorised Golf Ball Cleaner.

This nifty bit of kit uses a reservoir of soapy water and twin set of oscillating brushes to rid your ball of any grass, mud and sand. What’s more, you can even put the battery powered bristles to work on your clubs! Clip it neatly to your golf bag and make sure you always keep your kit in top condition.

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Product Features:
  • Battery operated Golf ball cleaner
  • Bristle bush washes away dirt, grime and grass stains
  • Rotating brush can be used to clean your club heads as well
  • Complete with built-in golf-bag clip
  • Liquid soap and water pumps in automatically
Battery Requirements:
  • 2 x AA batteries &ndash not included