The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex

The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex

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Fancy yourself as a bit of a Robert Langdon? Or do you just need a nifty place to stash your valuables? Then get your hands on The DaVinci Code Mini Cryptex.

Lovingly recreated – and scaled down – from the devilishly-clever lockbox in the movie, this high quality die-cast replica has been officially licensed and even works! Change the password as often as you like and store small items inside from jewellery to ancient scrolls. Just don’t let it fall into the wrong hands.

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Product Features:
  • Fully-licensed miniature working model of The DaVinci Code™ Cryptex
  • Diecast with aged effect
  • Opens with a password
  • Change the password as often as you like
  • Store your notes, poems, jewellery, keys or other valuables
  • Hidden compartment measures approximately 7.6cm(W) x 1.9cm(D)
  • Overall length measures approximately 10.2cm(L)