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Road Kill Toys

They’ve gone to teddy heaven

Road Kill Toys

They’ve gone to teddy heaven

  •  Hug a smooshed little pancaked critter
  •  A cuddly reminder to look twice before crossing the street
  •  Zipped sides let you pack their spilled organs back in
  •  Each one comes in its own clear plastic body bag


Fluffy bunnies and huggable teds are all well and good, but how about hitting your cuddly collection with a big dose of real life? Huh? HUH!? Well, laid bare as a reminder for all wayfaring young cubs to look twice before crossing the street, Road Kill Toys are revolting, horrendous... and completely inspired.

Looking like they’ve just been smooshed on the road into Toontown, these pancaked critters are the perfect gift for anyone who likes their humour with a few black streaks across it.

Making up the collection are Splodge the hedgehog, Smudge the squirrel and Grill the Armadillo. Each has met a sticky end on their way across the road (and has the tyre marks to prove it). A zip on either side lets you pack their spilled organs back in, but sadly no amount of roadside assistance is going to bring them back from teddy heaven – each one comes already zipped in its own clear plastic body bag.

The makers of these incredibly high quality characters have gone to great lengths to ensure realism – from the extra squidgy material used for the organs to the mangy-effect fur. In fact, this is the hardest we’ve ever seen anyone work to make something look so bad. If you don’t count Charlie Sheen. Scrape one up today, before they’re gone for good!

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for Ages 3-16yrs
  • Made from 100% polyester fibres
Product Features:
  • Blood and guts made using the latest high-tech stuffing and plush, for a more realistic squidgy effect
  • Body, head and legs made from specially-sourced plush material, for the tactile quality of mangy fur
  • Body is partly stuffed with beads for extra dead-weight effect
  • Includes clear teddy bodybag
  • Each measures approximately 38.1cm(L) x 25.4cm(W) x 2.5cm(H)
  • With blood and guts packed inside – measures approximately 5.1cm(H)

Customer Reviews

I LOVE hedgehogs and my boyfriend bought me Splodge for Xmas. It was the funniest present ever! The death certificate is brilliant!
Lucy - 8th January 2013
I ordered Splodge and Smudge for Xmas pressies and LOVE them. The attention to detail on the death certificate was fantastic, as the person who is receiving Smudge works at Brize Norton and thats where he died! (such great unexpected details!).
Rachel D - 26th November 2012
I got Twitch for my last birthday and my next one is coming up, and I'm absolutely in love with Smudge!! I love these things!! GREAT!!
Madi - 20th July 2011