Marmite Chocolate

You’ll love it or hate it

Marmite Chocolate

You’ll love it or hate it

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Expected 5 Aug 2015
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  •  You will either love it or hate it!
  •  100g bar
  •  98% Milk chocolate and 2% Marmite flavour


The infamous Marmite effect rarely extends to chocolate products. After all, everyone loves chocolate. But all that is about to change because Marmite Chocolate is here – and yep, you guessed it, you’ll either love it or hate it.

Here at Firebox Towers we’re strictly in the love camp because this 100g bar is strangely delicious. Chocolate and Marmite – what’s not to love? Or hate. Made using 98% milk chocolate and 2% Marmite flavouring it’s unlike any chocolate you’ve ever tasted (unless you’re in the habit of spreading Marmite on your sweeties).

Look, the point is that as well as being the first choccy bar to incorporate Marmite, it’s a masterpiece of creative confectionery that successfully merges two flavours that simply shouldn’t go together. A bit like strawberries and balsamic vinegar or pineapple and gammon. Opposites attract? Absolutely!

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Please Note:
  • Warning: Contains milk, soya, celery and may contain traces of nuts
  • Ingredients: Milk chocolate (Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya lecithins; flavouring: natural vanilla), Marmite flavouring (Yeast extract, lactose, salt, sugar, citric acid, vegetable oil (rapeseed), onion powder, garlic powder, flavouring (contains celery), Marmite extract).
Product Features:
  • You will either love it or hate it!
  • 100g bar
  • 98% Milk chocolate and 2% Marmite flavour
  • Each bar measures approximately 19cm(H) x 8.5cm(W) x 1cm(D)

Customer Reviews

This chocolate is amazing! I will certainly be buying more ready for Christmas this year :).
Beth Corfield - 3rd October 2014
MArmite + CHOcolate = MACHO MAGIC! What a brilliant product, thanks.
Nigel - 27th December 2013
The original one was damaged when I received it, however after a quick e-mail to the Firebox team I soon had a really helpful and friendly customer service team member call me. He apologised and offered to send me another bar for free via 1st class shipping! it's THIS level of customer care that restores my faith in internet shopping! I salute you, Firebox.
Tim - 16th December 2013
I LOVE marmite but couldn't take to this chocolate and that shocked me... it is chocolate after all! It tasted like chocolate firstly but then had an underlying 'beef stock cube' flavour. Still love the idea of it though and will buy more for gifts.
Carol Jenkins - 5th December 2013
I'm not sure what to think of this, but at least it's chocolate.
Jack - 19th November 2013
Firebox says: Hey Jack, It's a mysterious taste. Very refined palate needed. Maybe try some more to form a stronger opinion.
Is this suitable for vegetarians? It probably is, but I'd just like to make sure!
Harry - 23rd July 2012
Firebox says: It certainly is Harry!