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Obsessive Chef Chopping Board

Come dice with me

Obsessive Chef Chopping Board

Come dice with me

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  •  Because good cooking requires absolute pin-point precision
  •  Food just tastes better when it's sliced equally
  •  Made from hefty and naturally anti-bacterial beechwood
  •  Etched and marked with precise measurements and angles
  •  There's nothing wrong with getting this 'just right'


Chopping cucumber

Now you can get those angles exact!

We don’t think there’s much wrong with liking things ‘just so’, especially when it comes to what you eat. Which is good because culinary critics can now embrace their over-selective sides with the utterly inspired Obsessive Chef Chopping Board.

This clever calculated chopping board is etched with exacting measurements and precise angles to guide your knife and help you slice and dice your ingredients to their perfect size. Ideal for cutting an impeccable julienne carrot, the thinnest stir fry vegetables and showing off your sushi skills, this quality chopping board is made from strong, hard-wearing Beechwood. Plus it’s naturally anti-bacterial so you don’t need to scrub it 11 times to make sure it’s squeaky-clean.

Close up of angles

Choose your preferred angle

The Obsessive Chef Chopping Board makes a great gift for finicky foodies, wannabe Masterchefs and those that like to impress their guests with their culinary powers of precision. It comes in funky packaging too, and stands out in any kitchen amongst your boring un-measuremented utensils. Soon, you’ll be chopping away with scrupulous skills.

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Please Note:
  • Hand wash only
Product Features:
  • Etched and marked with precise measurements and angles
  • Suitable for even the fussiest chef
  • Made from naturally anti-bacterial beechwood
  • Measures approximately 29cm(L) x 23cm(W) x 1.5cm(D)

Customer Reviews

I suffer from OCN (more than one OCD). This product made me smile. Sometimes products are not designed to be offensive, but to make you think and when I saw it made me want to know more about the product. Keep up the good work producing innovative products.
I.Gilmour - 7th December 2012
I think it is great, I suffer from OCD in the kitchen - Obsessive Cutting & Dicing - so would love one. Hint Hint.
Bob McChesney - 14th November 2011
I've got OCD and I absolutely *love* this. I don't find it offensive in the slightest.
Munchkin - 5th November 2011