TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

Put a spring in your step

TRAMP-It Jump Shoes

Put a spring in your step

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With more boi-yoing than a kangaroo on the moon, these ludicrously fun TRAMP-It Jump Shoes are guaranteed to put a spring in your step. Thanks to their super strong, flexible strip beneath the sole, you can jump further, bounce higher, or simply pwang yourself down the high street at a giggly pace.

Jumping Walk or run switch Button that changes the size of the shoe

Put an extra spring in your step!

Adjustment for running and walking

Change the size of the shoe

Great fun for kids of all sizes, just strap on a pair and you’ll be up and hopping in no time. They’ve even been proven to boost your endurance, improve your balance and strengthen running muscles. There’s never been a more fun way to get fit!

View from underneath the shoe

View of the sole

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for up to 100 kg body weight
  • Available in sizes S (UK 1 - 3.5), M (UK 4 - 6), L (UK 7 - 8)
Product Features:
  • The trampoline under your feet
  • Trains endurance and coordination
  • Strengthens muscles and tissues
  • Increases oxygen supply
  • Reduces neck and back pain
  • Burns calories
  • Adjustable size, breathable base shoe
  • Quick lacing system with additional click-fastener
  • Adjustable spring adapts to the body weight
  • For children and adults

Customer Reviews

Guys, I NEED a pair of Tramp-it that's available here in the USA. Where can I get it? I need to be your success story and lose 30 pounds bouncing my way there. I've seriously been searching for months with the hopes of getting one for myself.
Janice - 16th September 2012
Firebox says: Sorry Janice due to shipping restrictions we can only ship these to the UK, sorry about that! You may want to contact the suppliers direct and they may be able to help you. They can be emailed at the following address:
When does the sale end and if I break them in the first 2 weeks can I send them back?
Bradley - 13th August 2012
Firebox says: Hi Bradley, the sale ends at the end of the month. All of your Firebox orders are under warranty for 1 year so you can return them if they do break.
Do you do any spare parts for these boots? I was using my bf's and the part which tightend the laces snapped off would I be able to purchase this part seperatly?
Fiona - 6th August 2012
Firebox says: Drop us a line with your order number to and we will look in to what we can do for you Fiona.
Hi I'm a size 6 what size should I get medium or large thnx shards xx.
Sade Joseph - 14th June 2012
Firebox says: Hi Shards, we would recommend a Medium for a size 6. But if they end up being too small, please let us know.
How long does it take to master these?
Gareth Rider - 10th June 2012
Firebox says: Hey Gareth, it's a bit of a subjective question because it really depends on your athletic ability and balance. Whilst some people may take a little longer than others, we can guarantee that you can have fun on these shoes whether you're taking it slow, learning or a master!
Hiya - sorry to add another question about sizes however... I have wide feet which varies on the size of shoe I get - usually Im a 10/11. Can I return these if I get the large and find they are too small?? Many thanks.
Rolan - 4th May 2012
Firebox says: Hey Rolan, yes you can return these to us if they do not fit, we have a 30 day return policy on all of our orders.