Typefaces Table Mug

Typefaces Table Mug

Put the tea in typefaces

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Close up of mug artwork

No room for Comic Sans

Do you know your Baskerville from your Base? Your Scala from your Swift? If not, then you need a periodic table of typefaces! Created by designer Camdon Wilde – and currently doing laps on the internet – this tongue-in-cheek graphic shows 100 of the world’s favourite and most notorious typefaces.

And now you can own it on a mug! Perfect for the graphic geek in your life (even if that’s you), the Typefaces Table Mug always demands a second look. What’s more, it actually comes in pretty handy when you’re laying out that last minute PowerPoint presentation. Courier or Caecilia... *slurp*

Sizes available: Small and Large

Small and Large sizes available

More Information

Holding the mug
Please Note:
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
Product Features:
  • Mug featuring the Periodic Table of Typefaces
  • Designed by Camdon Wilde
  • Small – measures approximately 7.5cm(Diameter)
  • Large – measures approximately 8.8cm(Diameter)