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Bluelounge Nest

A place to keep your tablets

Bluelounge Nest

A place to keep your tablets

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Great for keeping an eye on
"the news" while at your desk

You can keep your high tech manufacturing methods and aircraft-grade whatsits – the Bluelounge Nest provides a simple, brilliant and functional place to prop up your tablet. But this isn't just for shiny shiny Apple gadgets. And there’s more than one way to use it.

First of all, the Nest makes a great addition to any desk. Pop it next to your computer and you’ll be surprised how little time passes before you pop something in it (for safe-keeping). Paperclips, flash drives, business cards – you’ll wonder where on earth you used to keep this stuff before!

Two viewing positions

Available in Blue, Black and Orange (top picture)

storage shot

Store your knick-knacks in the nest

But it’s more than just a place to keep your knick knacks. This awfully clever design lets you prop up an iPad or other tablet in one of two ways.

Either slide-out the tiny cradle to hold your gadget in a near-vertical position; or lay your tablet almost flat on the co-moulded, non-slip edges. Whether you’re watching movies or knocking out a quick email, the Nest will hold your tablet just where you want it.

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black nest with iPad
Product Features:
  • Simple and versatile dual-angle stand for iPad, iPad 2, or any tablet
  • Hidden slider cradle for propping up (almost) vertically
  • Non-slip co-moulded edges for propping up (almost) horizontally
  • Unobtrusive asset to any desk: store your bits and pieces tidily inside

Customer Reviews

Great desk stand! One of the few iPad 3 desk stands I have found that actually accepts an iPad in a case. I only have a slim back case on mine, but most docks don't fit, and the other stands I've seen are unwieldy. This is small and the tray at the back is useful for keeping other desk bits in. The fact that its in my favourite colour orange as well is just a bonus.
Alex May - 17th July 2012