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EST. 1998
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PONGO Portable Table Tennis

Play tennis over breakfast

PONGO Portable Table Tennis

Play tennis over breakfast

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  •  Transform just about any flat surface into a table tennis table
  •  Includes a retractable net, two bats and two balls
  •  Everything packs away neatly into a portable drawstring bag
  •  Break out the paddles at a moments notice
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Do you ever find yourself at a social function, family picnic, wake, or important business meeting and think “Gosh, I REALLY fancy a bit of the good old fashioned table tennis?”. Well the PONGO Portable Table Tennis set lets you break out the paddles at a moment’s notice.

This ingenious set has been made as compact as possible, with a retractable net that holds two regular-sized balls and paddles with flip-out handles. The only thing you’re missing is a reasonably flat surface to play on. But there are plenty of those about. Just extend the net across your office desk, dining room table, car bonnet, or the bar of your local boozer and get pinging (or ponging, depending which side you’re on). You could even set it up on your breakfast bar for a little off-the-wall fun.

The whole kit packs into a drawstring bag, making a tidy bundle no larger than a grapefruit. Perfect for storing under your desk, in the boot of your car, or in your backpack for the next time you feel the inkling to ping that pong. Your serve!

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Product Features:
  • Compact fold-out table tennis set
  • Set up on any flat surface
  • 2x table tennis paddles with retractable handles
  • 2x table tennis balls
  • portable net
  • Drawstring pouch for storage
  • Net measures approximately 175cm(W) x 18cm(H)

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