Darkfin Gloves

Swim like a fish (ish)

Darkfin Gloves

Swim like a fish (ish)

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If the Good Lord had wanted us to swim as efficiently as possible he would have given us heads like pilchards. And in the case of Lord Lloyd Webber he very nearly did. Sadly most humans need all the help they can get when it comes to swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing and paddling. Enter, with a slightly amused gasp of amazement, Darkfin Gloves.

As you can see, these ultra-durable contoured latex gloves feature webbing between the fingers. Think of them as high tech flippers for your hands. Failing that think of them as rubber gloves that make you look like Abe Sapien from Hellboy. By increasing the surface area of your hands by up to 70% Darkfins create greater resistance, thus allowing you to propel yourself through the water faster and more efficiently. The difference is truly amazing.

Available in various sizes, Darkfin Gloves are great for doggie-paddling kids, keen swimmers, avid surfers and serious divers alike. And because the ludicrously hard-wearing latex is ultra thin, your manual dexterity will be unaffected. So go on, swim like a fish (ish).

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Please Note:
  • Gloves are put on by using a wet or a dry application
  • To remove grab at cuff and pull turning glove inside out as you remove it
  • DO NOT pull off from fingertips as this is not effective and could cause damage to glove
  • Small bubbles and other blemishes occur naturally during the manufacturing process and are not considered defects and will not affect the performance of the gloves
  • Please follow glove care instructions and store the gloves in re-usable Amber UV shipping bag
  • Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight or intense heat
  • Hang dry or put in dryer on low or no heat to dry
Product Features:
  • Ideal for scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, swimming and sky diving
  • Darkfin’s exclusive cotton flocked surface means better grip
  • Easy to care for, just rinse them off and throw them back in the original UV protective bag
  • Easily customisable to a fingerless glove, just cut the tips off with scissors
  • Seamless, no stitches to come out
  • Darkfin gloves are tough as nails and with a little care it might out last your wet suit
  • Made from natural latex rubber Darkfin gloves are ultra light and won't absorb water and get heavy
  • The rear web design is an incredible new feature that only Darkfin gloves have. This 3 dimensional surface area in the palm of your hand is huge and that increase in surface drag means outstanding propulsion
  • Made from natural latex rubber for improved dexterity and flexibility
Click on the size and print out the PDF. (You will need Adobe Acrobat or other PDF viewer to display) Before you print, make sure that your print size is set to 100%.
Each chart has a scale you can check with a ruler to ensure that it is printed correctly. Place your hand in the outline to see if you have found the closest fit. You may want to check the size above or below to find the best possible fit to your hand.

Customer Reviews

These gloves are fabby. They look great and all the other ducks are well jel. I can swim for longer than any of them. Peace out.
Jemmima Puddleduck - 11th May 2014
Amazing difference when paddling. Bear in mind these don't keep you warm in Winter (UK South Coast) but are awesome when your trying to get out back or paddling for a wave. 3 of my surf buddies are now going to order these from Firebox. Brilliant website and great service!
Jeeves - 20th March 2013
Firebox says: Ah Jeeves you've made us blush. Fantastic to hear you've found them so useful!
Is there any chance there will be an extra small available, I have quite small hands and the small size is considerably larger than my hands (it took my other half a long time to find an engagement ring for child size hands I can tell you).
Allassandra - 15th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Allassandra, sorry to hear that the small size is too big for your hands. Unfortunately we don't currently have plans for an extra small size.
They all laughed, until we all stared swimming. That's when I started laughing. Simply Fabulous!
Sean Harrison - 20th October 2012
How accurate are the charts to the glove sizes? In the women's medium, my fingers are about half a cm smaller than the fingers, and in the women's small, my fingers are exactly on the line. Which would be best to get?
Alice - 20th October 2011
Firebox says: First check the scale on the PDF, there's a ruler for you to check that the printout is the right size. We would recommend going for the closest match to your hand, so in this instance the small. If you do have any problems you can return them to us for an exchange.
Agora eu aprendo a nadar!
Jorge Felipe - 8th June 2011