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The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball

Perfect chips

The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball

Perfect chips

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Golfers spend hours honing their swing and putting their balls about*. But what about those frequently neglected chip, pitch and flop shots? Well now you can perfect them without even hitting the fairway thanks to The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball.

Specifically designed for fine-tuning your short game, this amazing ball has the same feel and feedback as a regular golf ball but is soft enough to bounce off windows and walls. Use it with your wedges to improve your touch and feel when you’re away from the course. Just a few chips a day will make you a better all-round golfer.

Squishing the Floppy Golf Ball Diagram Playing indoors

Don't worry about your windows!

1) Woven cover,
2) Specially engineered liner,
3) Proprietary fill

Get some practise in the office

If your greatest golfing triumph to date involves knocking the ball through the clown’s mouth, The Floppy is just the ticket. And although it can’t replicate the reassuring dink of iron on plastic, at least you won’t hear your shattered ego jangling round your ankles next time you fluff another easy chip shot in front of the 19th hole. So what are you waiting fore!

*Infantile Tiger Woods joke removed on legal advice. Possibly.

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Please Note:
  • Specially designed for wedges
  • 3 balls included in the pack
Product Features:
  • Feels and reacts like a real golf ball but is safe enough to hit into a window or a wall
  • The unique Patent Pending design of The Floppy® gives the golfer realistic feedback, as it rolls and spins like a golf ball.
  • Practice your golf game when ever and where ever you like
  • Used by Tour and teaching Pros
  • Long lasting handmade quality
  • Packaging – measures approximately 12.5cm(W) x 4cm(H) x 4cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Hey James, The 19th hole is the bar! You know the place usually right behind the 18th hole where all the golfers are drinking after their round.
Golfer - 17th May 2011
Next time you fluff another easy chip shot in front of the 19th hole. Really Firebox? If there's 19 holes on your golf course you're getting great value for money!!
James Najda - 16th May 2011
Seems like good fun, but that advert is generically awful :').
Sam - 12th May 2011