Homemade Lemonade Kit

Sick of all that commercial pop?

Homemade Lemonade Kit

Sick of all that commercial pop?

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Making lemonade

Make your own pop!

Much like home-pickling, darning your socks and doing anything Enid Blyton might describe as a “jape”, making your own lemonade has become a largely forgotten pastime. Which is a shame, because it tastes infinitely better than supermarket pop and has enough sugar to jet-propel a whole afternoon of marbles, hopscotch, tibby sticks, shove ha’penny, hop a frog, tickle my neighbour... oh ok we’re making these up now.

But even so, the Homemade Lemonade Kit lets you capture a taste of yesteryear, without the post-war rationing, knotted hanky hats or casual racism. In fact; not only will this retro kit help you to make Nan-grade lemonade, but the handy recipe booklet will also open up a world of delightful summer beverages for you to try. Think all those sugary pop drinks came from space? Think again!

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Bottles in the ice bucket
Product Features:
  • All the equipment you need to make homemade lemonade (except the lemons)
  • Includes recipe booklet
  • Recipe booklet
  • Muslin square for straining
  • Silicon funnel
  • 4x glass bottles with ceramic flip top lids
  • Traditional drinking straws
  • Ice bucket

Customer Reviews

I bought this for my son, who is very fond of lemonade. His first batch has been very successful. He used the recipe in the booklet and we all enjoyed the results. The bottles are good for retaining the fizziness for up to a week and the instructions are clear and simple. However, the bucket seems primarily to be a gimmick to make the kit look bigger and more impressive. It did look good when it contained the bottles on ice, as suggested, although it would probably have been more effective just to put the bottles in the fridge - especially as I have just discovered that the bucket leaks. Also, the lovely yellow paint on the inside was already pealing off when opened it! In short, the kit's great, but the bucket's rather a waste of space - and money.
Maggie - 4th July 2011
Bottles and a bucket then....
Daniel - 21st April 2011