FishEYE iPhone Cover

Snapper’s delight

FishEYE iPhone Cover

Snapper’s delight

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Changes your iPhone photos into crazy Fisheye style photos!

Making even the dullest scene look like an eye-popping extreme sports video, the FishEYE iPhone Cover gives you an incredible 160° view of the world. Great for taking in enormous panoramas, huge crowd-shots, or making your mate’s nose look massive.

Wonderfully unnecessary, but incredibly good fun, the kit comes with a slim protective case for your iPhone 4. The fisheye lens easily screws into the socket around the iPhone’s lens, letting you knock out crazy snaps or mind-bending videos at a moment’s notice. What’s more, when you’re not using the fisheye lens, the non-slip case is durable enough to protect your mobile from knocks and bumps.

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Compatible with iPhone 4

iPhone 4

you can unscrew the lens when you don't need to use it
Product Features:
  • Detachable screw-in fisheye lens for the iPhone
  • Angle of view: 160°
  • Available for the iPhone 4 only
  • Slim-line protective case fits to the back of the handset; simply screw in the lens whenever you want to use it
  • The protective case is lightweight, durable and discreet enough to be left attached to the handset permanently, guarding against bumps and scratches
  • High quality rubberised finish

Customer Reviews

For photos it's great, you get the full fish bowl thing. On video however it doesn't look the same at all. Tried it on two different iPhones and it was a lot less of an effect. Don't know why this should be but it is.
Sam - 14th May 2012
Firebox says: Hi Sam, The Lens works in a different way when filming so the effects differ, its great for stills though!
Love this fisheye lens! I was expecting it to of basic quality due to the price but it's exceeded my expectations... the lens itself feels solid and sturdy, it takes great photos without losing any photo-quality, and the case itself is really nice to touch. It even comes with a little pouch. I shall have lots of fun taking photos with this lens - thanks, guys!
Eva - 11th May 2012
Is there a version of this for other smart phones? I have a samsung. Lou.
Lou Kennedy - 1st November 2011
Firebox says: Hi Lou, sorry but unfortunately we don't currently stock fisheye lenses for any other phones.
Will this fit in a dock? Thanks.
Chupito - 22nd October 2011
Firebox says: It's difficult to say Chupito, it really is dependent on the dock in question. The case doesn't add to much to the dimensions of the phone so may fit some but we can't guarantee it. On the other hand the FishEYE cover is easily removed for ease of use.
Will the iphone 3 one fit the ipod touch? thanks.
James Kilby - 24th April 2011
Firebox says: sorry this is only compatible with the version 3 and 4 iPhones.
Will it work with iPod touch 4 and is their one for iPad 2.
George - 19th April 2011
Firebox says: Sorry, only iPhones 3/3gs and 4, and no plans for an iPad one at the moment- but never say never!