Bacon Inhaler

Kick your meat habit

Bacon Inhaler

Kick your meat habit

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April Fool Product 2011!

GOTCHA! Yep that's right, this product was part of our April Fool range for 2010. We apologise if you are disappointed... or just sitting there red-faced! You can see our other April Fool products here.



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Just spray the bacon into your mouth!

For many people, the first steps on the road to quitting meat are often the most difficult. Even if you only eat meat socially, cutting it out completely can be a shock to the system.

While many turn to ham patches, tests show that people looking to conquer their meat addiction have longer-lasting results with the Bacon Inhaler. Not only will it occupy your busy hands, but two puffs of the baconated vapour will satisfy your body’s cravings for protein, as you wean yourself onto seeds, grain and cheese.

In its new compact, portable form, the Bacon Inhaler can be used outdoors or on the move, the moment your cravings strike. Simply take two deep breaths and carry on along the road to a meat-free life.

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Please Note:
  • Comes with 2 free refills!
  • Suitable for vegetarians
Product Features:
  • Recommended by some GPs
  • Portable protein inhaler to aid quitting meat
  • Cure the bacon craving with no need for a frying pan
  • Measures approximately 10cm(H) x 3cm(W) x 4.2cm(D)

Customer Reviews

At first sceptic about the product, I must admit now I can sell it twice the price to my great grandpa's friends who do not know the Internet. I wonder what illegal they could do for it....
Nathalie Lefebvre - 1st April 2011
Keeps me fresh.
Jason - 1st April 2011
I ordered this product in an attempt to curb my enthusiastic streaky bacon consumption. After just 2 weeks not only had I kicked the habit, I'm now earning 3x as much at my work. I recently completed my 4th marathon in a week and my girlfriend tells me she is finally satisfied in the bedroom. Thank you uber glorious bacon mouth spray dispenser, I owe you my life!!!
Brad - 1st April 2011
Unbelievable product. One puff sees me through Breakfast, dinner and tea. Will you do a smokey bacon version? Then I can give up fags too!
Neil - 1st April 2011
Is it organic?
HRH Pass The Duchy - 1st April 2011
I am sorry but I think this is an irresponsible product, it seems to work in reverse. I was veggie for 20 years then bought the Bacon Inhaler. That lovely lovely smell of bacon, I was hooked. I now have a bacon sarnie at least once a day. VEGGIES BE WARNED!
Bob - 1st April 2011