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Wind Up Olympic Countdown Clock

Wind Up Olympic Countdown Clock

It’s a total wind up

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April Fool Product 2011!

GOTCHA! Yep that's right, this product was part of our April Fool range for 2010. We apologise if you are disappointed... or just sitting there red-faced! You can see our other April Fool products here.


Tom Daley helps with the countdown

Tom Daley helps with the countdown

Count down to the biggest sporting event in the World’s calendar from the comfort of your couch with the Wind Up Olympic Countdown Clock. A perfect scale replica of the pointy-edged monolith currently ticking down in Trafalgar Square, this funky piece of memorabilia is a great way to show your support for the games. Just remember to wind it, or it’ll stop!

Every ten days the Countdown Clock will break the mounting tension with a helpful soundbite from British Olympic hopeful, Tom Daley. Whether it'll be a simple "Not long now..." or perhaps "Tom smell Gold!", we just don't know. Press the button on the base and he'll also speak the time out loud.

Boasting a digital clock, but traditional clockwork mechanism, this pint-sized curio will quietly tick off the days until the start of the 2012 Olympics. But what happens when the clock hits zero? Well, that would be giving the game away...

More Information

  • Digital readout with traditional clockwork mechanism
  • Press button to hear British Olympic hopeful Tom Daley read the time
  • Audio reminder every ten days also by Tom Daley
  • Surprise "event" when the clock reaches 0
  • Do not store anywhere near flammable materials
  • Measures approximately 19cm(H) x 8cm(W) x 10.5cm(D)