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Radius Pro-Lite Tools

Get to grips with your gardening

Radius Pro-Lite Tools

Get to grips with your gardening

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Designed for maximum comfort

Designed for maximum comfort

That’s it! No more excuses! If you want to enjoy a long summer of barbecues, sunbathing, ball games and al fresco all-back-to-mines; then it’s time to take on that David Bellamy-baiting jungle out there that you call a back garden. But we wouldn’t dream of sending you into that dense greenery unarmed – that’s where the Radius Pro-Lite Tools come in.

The Pro-Lite Shovel, Spade and Fork are shaped for easy digging and superior leverage, compared to their chunky wooden rivals. Their lightweight carbon steel construction also makes them far lighter and easier to wield without doing yourself a mischief. But their most distinctive feature is that curious “O” shaped handle.

Shaped for easy digging and superior leverage

Shovel: shaped for easy digging
and superior leverage

Designed for maximum comfort, these ergonomic grips allow the Pro-Lite Tools to be used in whatever way feels most comfortable for you – reducing wear and tear on your hands. With this distinctive shape and vibrant colour they also look a darn sight cooler than your typical garden tools – so you can feel extra trendy while you take on that twopical wainfowest.

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  • High performance lightweight carbon steel construction
  • Ergonomic “O” handles for greater user comfort
  • Extra wide raised forward kick for reduced strain, better balance and ease of use
  • Pro-Lite Shovel measures approximately 21.6cm(W) x 8.9cm(H) x 117.6cm(L)
  • Pro-Lite Spade measures approximately 20.3cm(W) x 8.3cm(H) x 123.2cm(L)
  • Pro-Lite Fork measures approximately 19.1cm(W) x 9.5cm(H) x 121.7cm(L)

Customer Reviews

These tools hint at reducing stress due to light-weight capabilities; I'm thinking of getting these for my dad, a keen gardener with back problems. Are these proven to help?
James, Durrington, Wiltshire - 2nd May 2011
Firebox says: They have no medical or scientific proof, but we would think that due to their lightness they would be less strenuous.
If there was a zombie outbreak, would these be suitable to hit them with?
Ricky, Jersey - 19th April 2011
Firebox says: Sure thing, just remember to aim for the head though.

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