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EST. 1998
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Colour Changing LED Lightbulb

Emote control

Colour Changing LED Lightbulb

Emote control

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Turn your front room into the Hacienda, or just give your neighbours the heebie jeebies with the Colour Changing LED Lightbulb. With your choice of up to sixteen different colours, or a lightshow in four colours, you’ve never had more control over a lightbulb. But best of all... it’s remote controlled!

Placing the bulb into a socket Remote Control Bulb changing colours

Fix your new snazzy bulb

Use the remote to...

...impress your friends
with a lightshow!

Screw Cap and Bayonet Cap available

Bayonet and Screw Cap available

Use the remote’s simple keypad from up to ten metres away and find the colour (and intensity) of light that perfectly matches your mood. Dim yellow? Dazzling blue? It’s up to you. For a more dynamic effect, switch to one of the four lighting effects – flash, strobe, fade or smooth. Or, if you’re anything like us, just keep flicking through all of them.

So whether you’re enhancing a rare moment of peace and quiet, or raising the roof with your friends, there’s a setting for every situation.

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Product Features:
  • Remote control works within a 10 metre range
  • Brightness intensity setting (all colours are dimmable)
  • 16 static colours / 4 auto-changing colours
  • 4 lighting effects: flash, strobe, fade, smooth
  • 6 Watt LED bulb
  • Power off memory function – bulb will return to the same setting it was on when switched off
  • Only one remote is needed to control all the lights/light settings
  • Available as a bayonet or screw fitting
  • Great for parties, kids rooms, creating a cosy atmosphere etc

Customer Reviews

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I got one of these about 6 months ago but unfortunately it stopped working recently. Changed the battery in the remote and that didn't do anything. A shame because it really was lovely.
Kezia Wallace, Broadstairs - 24th April 2012
Firebox says: Hi Kezia, that's not good, please get in contact with your order details and we will gladly help you out.
When you press off on the remote would it be the same as switching the switch? ie in the 'big light'.
He, In A House - 1st January 2012
Firebox says: It will turn off the light, so you wont need to get out of bed to turn it off at the wall!
Im thinking about getting 3 of these for my partners room. My questions are: Will having 3 affect how the remotes work? Also will they fix/suite into a Spot light fixing?, because at the moment we have R52 screw bulbs in. X.
Freyja Spalding, Norwich - 6th December 2011
Firebox says: Hi Freyja, if you have 3 of these in the same room, that just means that the remotes will control all of them at the same time. Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to change the settings for individual bulbs. They should be fine in a spot-light fixing, as long as the screw size for the bulbs are the same.
So can these save you money like the energy saving lightbulbs? I dont want to replace my energy saving bulbs with these and find my electricity bill go up!
Alan Miah, London - 6th November 2011
Firebox says: Hi Alan, that would depend on how much energy your current energy saving lightbulbs are using, but the LED bulb should use less energy than a standard non-energy saving incandescent bulb
While very cool, either there's something odd with the one I received, or it doesn't produce enough light to properly serve as a replacement lightbulb, which is a shame considering the price.
Paul, Lancaster - 31st August 2011
Firebox says: It may be a faulty unit Paul, drop us an email with your order details to and we'll look into it asap.
Does this work with a dimmer switch?
Gary, Edinburgh - 12th May 2011
Firebox says: Each globe comes with a remote, and various dimmer options.