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EST. 1998
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Infused Sugar Set

Add a touch of lavender

Infused Sugar Set

Add a touch of lavender

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Lavender growing kit

Grow your own lavender then infuse it with sugar

Lavender is a versatile little flower. The scent released from crushing a few in your hands is said to be a great pick-me-up. A few drops of the essential oil can make for a relaxing massage. And if you leave a few sprigs on your bedside table it’s even said to aid a restful night’s sleep. But never mind all that. The best way to make the most of lavender is in food. And that’s where the Infused Sugar Set comes in.

In its dried form, the little purple flowers give off a heady perfume that can be a bit overbearing. But add them to this dispenser with some granulated sugar and over a few weeks the lavender’s subtle, gentle and light flavour will be absorbed, without the strong aroma. Once your sugar has been infused with lavender’s delicate flavour you can add it to a host of homemade delights: sorbets, pie fillings, muffins, brownies, cookies, lemonade, hot chocolate, and even cups of tea! The delicate touch of lavender will add a summery twist to all of your favourite sweet treats.

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Product Features:
  • Use this infused sugar set to add interesting flavour to your favourite sweet treats
  • 1x Sugar Dispenser
  • 1x Recipe Booklet
  • 1x Packet of Lavender Seeds
  • 1x Metal Plant Label
  • 1x How to grow Lavender instruction card

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