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EST. 1998
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Perfect poached eggs


Perfect poached eggs

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perfectly poached eggs

What a lovely pair!

As any chef will tell you, poaching an egg is a delicate operation that requires exact timing, the perfect temperature water, a steady offshore wind, a completely static free environment and the correct angle of the moon.

Ok, it might not be that complicated – but it’s still not easy. The PoachPod has been designed to take the guesswork out of poaching eggs. Just crack an egg into one of these flexible silicone moulds and let it bob about on the surface of gently boiling water for a few minutes. When it’s ready avoid scalded fingers by using the PoachPod Lift to scoop each pod out of the water. To serve, just run a spoon around the inside and turn it out. Perfect!

It’s easier than frying an egg, tastes better and it’s much better for you. And best of all – there’s barely anything to wash up afterwards!

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Please Note:
  • Flexible silicone cooking mould for poaching eggs
  • Contains: 2x PoachPods and 1 x PoachPod Lift
  • Can also be used to make flans, frittata, cakes or other baked goods or used as a mould for chilled foods
  • Measures approximately 9.5cm(Diameter) x 6cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Seriously - these are no finky silly gadget... they are the absolutely amazingly egg-citing best kitchen gadget for cooking eggs... 'kin gooses gander ;-) Bonus tip - if you buy one of those little bottles of spray oil makes it soooo easy to give the pods a quick bare minimum oily coat. If you are tired, drunk or silly and forget the oil it's not a drama cos you can still get them out - try a hot teaspoon!
Elliott, Chesham, Bucks, UK - 4th October 2011
Firebox says: Glad you like it Elliott, thanks for the tip!
These are great! Quick and easy poached eggs, just make sure you read the instructions right. If your eggs are sticking then try using butter as opposed to oil. :).
Jonny, Sheffield - 30th March 2011