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USB Pet Rock

I wanna rock!

USB Pet Rock

I wanna rock!

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Back in the 70s, annoyingly enterprising ad exec Gary Dahl hit upon the idea of marketing rocks as pets. Yes, rocks. You can scoff but his amusingly packaged Pet Rocks sold by the bucketload, making him a millionaire. Fast forward thirty-five years and the Pet Rock is back, but this time it’s USB-friendly.

Well, sort of, because the USB Pet Rock is merely a rock on a USB cable – it doesn’t actually do anything. Not a sausage. Zero. Nada. Zip. But that’s what makes it the perfect desktop pet: no walking, feeding or poo pick-ups required. Simply put it on your desk, plug in and relax. ‘Oh, Rocky, you’re so chilled out.’

Guaranteed to confuse and amuse co-workers, each Pet Rock is 100% unique (ish) and compatible with any operating system. You can even take it for a walk to the water cooler by its USB lead. If you’re bonkers. Which, considering your taste in web pages, you clearly are. All together now, ‘I wanna rock!’

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Product Features:
  • Pet Rock Plugs in with USB and gives you love!
  • No feed or care needed
  • Draws no power
  • Compatible with any OS including Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Each rock is unique (Please allow for natural variations in your USB Pet Rock)
  • Rock measures approximately 10cm(W) x 10cm(H) x 7.6cm(D)
  • Cable measures 45cm

Customer Reviews

When I bought him and took my pet out of the box he was so scatty. He was running around my desk. The next day I took him swimming. He drowned. However the lifeguard saved his life. That night he wasn't in his bed. I lost him. If you find him he is about 5cm wide and called Clide.
Andrew Dawson - 6th January 2014
Be warned: putting this pet rock with other species of stones can cause major problems. My new pet rock ate three of my pet pebbles and mounted my pet brick in an effort to become the alpha-rock. He even killed my neighbour's garden gnomes. Very disappointed with this purchase.
James - 25th November 2013
Firebox says: Caution: Some pet rocks may be friskier than others.
My friend just bought me this for my birthday. As a geologist, I love rocks. As a student, I am not allowed pets in my house. Thankfully my landlord is fine with me keeping my pet rock. He/she has made a wonderful addition to my desk, and I will soon be customizing his/her box so that he/she feels more at home.
Jess - 20th April 2013
Firebox says: Remember Jess, you can look at the underside of the rock to check its sex. We'd recommend doing this first before choosing how to decorate the box.
I like pet rocks, but a pet rock that plugs into your computer and does nothing? even better - its' truly impressive. My disappointment however is that it doesn't have a range of hats, moustaches or glasses.
Fabulous Frank - 30th January 2013
I purchased mine a few weeks ago and unfortunately he appears to have run away. He is approximately 5 cm long, is a nice grey colour with a large white spot on his belly, he also reacts to his name ‘Trev’ and enjoys spending his time chasing the neighbor’s cats. I fear he might have become nocturnal to suit his feeding habits.
Lewis Yeomans - 30th April 2012
Firebox says: When our one in firebox HQ went missing we found him outside in someones landscape garden, that could be a good place to check.
I think mine may be dead. It turned upside down a few days ago and hasn't moved since. Does anyone know how to tell when these are dead?
Travis - 11th December 2011