Alien Facehugger Plush

Ahh, it just wants a cuddle

Alien Facehugger Plush

Ahh, it just wants a cuddle

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Alien Facehugger Plush on it's own

It's not real, it's plush – phew!

In space no one can hear you go ‘aww, innit cute!’ But here on Earth they can because one of the most terrifying critters in the universe is now available in cute(ish) plush form. Game over, man!

Yes, sci-fi fans, the Alien Facehugger Plush is a squishy tribute to the legendary embryo-implanting parasitoid from the Alien franchise. Afraid? You should be because thanks to a flexible wire skeleton you can bend its elongated fingers around your face. ‘Mum, look what happened to me last night!’

Of course the Alien Facehugger Plush won’t really tighten its tail around your neck in order to render you unconscious whilst simultaneously implanting an embryo via its icky proboscis, but you can always pretend that… hold on, this doesn’t feel like love building up in our chest. Aarrrghhhh!!!!!

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Product Features:
  • Plush toy
  • Poseable "fingers"
  • Suitable for Ages 3-77yrs

Customer Reviews

Another very odd gift arrived courtesy of Firebox! When I opened the box I thought it looked a bit boring but I decided to take it out of the packet and play with it before wrapping it up for my son. This certainly looks far better once the legs are bent and posed. Totally pointless but I just know it will be loved! Oh and thanks for the Cola Bottles ;0).
Jilly - 10th December 2011
Another great find by Firebox, I got a tiny plush face hugger in it's egg years and years ago and always thought a life size one would be great and it is. This is a must for any Alien fan out there, especially I you get the chest burster too :-) Thank you for bringing this to us.
Barry Gibbons - 6th May 2011
This product is sold (albeit unavailable) with a silver plush 'egg' on other sites. Does this one come with that?
Julie Nice - 20th April 2011
Firebox says: No sorry this is just the Plush Facehugger for sale.