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Chocolate Chilli Mustard

Chocolate Chilli Mustard

It’s a taste sensation

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close up of the Chocolate Chilli Mustard

ohhh... see that little bit of chilli!

Ditch your pickles and kick out the jams – we’ve found a jar of sauce that’ll blow their lids off. Combining three seemingly unrelated ingredients into one sensational sauce, Chocolate Chilli Mustard takes your taste buds on the ride of their lives. How could these flavours possibly work?

We haven’t the foggiest idea, but they do! Perfect as a marinade for chicken or game, this thoroughly adaptable mix also makes a great dip, sandwich spread, or dollop-with-a-difference on your roast dinner. Mmmm, chocolatey peas...

More Information

Holding the jar
Product Features:
  • Versatile sauce for meats, dips and sandwiches
  • Made from Belgian chocolate
  • Recipe originates from Central America
  • Measures approximately 6.2cm(Diameter) x 9cm(H)
  • Weighs 6.3oz