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iPhone Horn

Lederhosen sold separately

iPhone Horn

Lederhosen sold separately

Sorry, this product is not available.



colour options

Available in either Green or Black

We like noisemakers in all their forms, but noise maximisers can be just as much fun, especially when they’re shaped like the outrageous iPhone Horn. Designed to boost the audio output of your iPhone by up to 13 decibels, this chunky steampunk wonder also acts as a vertical or horizontal stand. And all of this without sapping a single blip of battery life.

How? Well, in the same way a trumpet amplifies the noise parped into it, the funnel-like amplifier of the iPhone Horn focuses the audio from the iPhone’s diddy speaker in one direction for a more concentrated oom-pa-pah. No moving parts, no drain on your battery- just good looks and loud noises!

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Please Note:
  • iPhone not included
  • No batteries needed, fully portable
Product Features:
  • Compatible with iPhone 4 & 4s
  • Amplifies the iPhone speaker with an accoustic channel and horn
  • Increases iPhone volume up to 13db
  • Ideal desk-stand, can be charged whilst attached
  • Can be used vertically or hortizontally
  • Measures approximately 5cm(H) x 10.6cm(W) x 4.7cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Will this work if you have a case on the phone?
Nic - 19th June 2012
Firebox says: It would depend on the case, but most likely not as the horn clips round the phone.
This is a brilliant bit of tech, it is surprisingly loud and looks funky to the eye. Ive had lots of comments on it and believe it works really well with the I phone design.
Bobby Wright - 31st January 2012
Will it work with the new 4s?
Carly Hartley - 8th November 2011
Firebox says: Yes, Carly, it definitely should
If I were to put some Sugru into the holder might I be able to make it fit my ipod touch 4th gen.
Harry - 21st August 2011
Firebox says: It might fit, but it still wouldn't be compatible - sorry Harry.
This isn't much of a review or question but I'm quite irritated that there are some really good ideas on this website but none can work with the iPod 4G.
Dylan - 28th March 2011
What is it with these things only being compatible with iPhone 4's?! If I was rich enough to have a spanking new iPhone I'd splash out on a speaker dock! Please can we have some iPhone 3 compatible ones for us paupers?!
Sally - 23rd March 2011