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EST. 1998
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Touchscreen Sport Gloves

Blog while you jog

Touchscreen Sport Gloves

Blog while you jog

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Using iPhone with the gloves on

Use your iPhone on the go...
even in the snow!

Now that there’s an app for practically everything, sportsmen and women are increasingly turning to their touchscreen phones to handle their timekeeping, GPS tracking and inspirational 80’s power ballads while they’re training outdoors. However handy these mobile devices might be though, the touchscreens are near impossible to use without first taking off your gloves.

To overcome the problem, the clever folk at eglove have created Touchscreen Sport Gloves. The tips of the fore-finger and thumb of each hand are covered in a reflective metallic fabric, allowing any touchscreen device to be used without removing the gloves. What’s more, the P/U rubber palm and detailing on the other fingers allows for superior grip. Perfect for blogging on your jog.

Outside of glove Inside palm of glove Sticky grip and conductive fingertip



(L-R) Sticky grip and
conductive fingertip

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Size guide

Size Guide:
Small = 17-18cm
Medium = 18-19cm
Large = 20-23cm

Product features:
  • Jersey-knit, cotton/lycra main fabric for comfort and stretch
  • P/U rubber palm details for superior grip
  • Soft terrycloth surface
  • Conductive surfaces at thumb and fore-finger tips
  • Night-reflective detail
  • Use the size guide (right) - if your measurements borders across two sizes, we would recommend selecting the smaller size to ensure a tight fit for greater accuracy

Customer Reviews

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