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Scrabble Mugs

T for 1

Scrabble Mugs

T for 1

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Tripple Letter Score!

Tripple Letter Score!

There’s nothing geeky about Scrabble players. In fact when they’re not landing on triple word squares or arguing over proper nouns, your average tile shuffler likes nothing more than a nice cup of tea or coffee. And they drink said tea or coffee from a Scrabble Mug. If that’s not cool we don’t know what is. (No, really, we don’t).
Rik's Coffee

Rik's Coffee

Yes, wordsmiths, these quality (ooh, that uses a Q – ten points to us) ceramic vessels are the ideal way to show fellow tea drinkers that there’s more to you than meets the i (bah, only 1 point). Emblazoned with a bold letter and its corresponding score value, each mug is destined to attract admiring glances every time you balance your Hob Nob on its unmistakably intellectual rim.

You can even buy several (oh, go on) and hold your very own Scrabble Mug tournament. Now that really would take the biscuit. Do we have to spell it out? B.U.Y.

Scrabble Mugs spelling A C J K M R S

Countdown conundrum. We got a 5 letter word with 11 points. Can you do any better?

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Please Note:
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measures approximately 9cm(H) x 9cm(Dia)

Customer Reviews

Smack = 16 points :D.
James - 28th August 2012
I got 3 points with ass LOL :D.
Lloyd Davies - 29th March 2012
I got 22 points, I got Mrs Jack !!
Millie - 9th March 2011
Are you getting any more letters in?
David Thompson - 5th March 2011
Firebox says: We haven't had word yet (no pun intended!)
These look great but any chance they will be available in any other letters anytime soon? Thanks.
Matt - 3rd March 2011
Firebox says: Watch this space! (geddit?)
I got 18 points with Jacks.
Scrabble - 2nd March 2011